Myths about sleep are dispelled scientists: “at risk of serious diseases”

Мифы о сне, которые развеяли ученые: "грозят серьезными заболеваниями"

Scientists have dispelled the most common myths about sleep

The London researchers conducted a study, which reviewed numerous scientific papers on healthy sleep and associated problems, according to the website the focus from the link to the portal “Medicine 2.0”.

As a result, the experts have completely refuted the myth that a person need five hours of sleep. According to scientists, you should sleep at least seven or eight hours a day. In addition, it is not right and the view that it is useful to sleep several times a day for half an hour.

Мифы о сне, которые развеяли ученые: "грозят серьезными заболеваниями"

Also, among the top myths about sleep, was the claim that snoring is normal. Experts say that snoring can indicate serious illness.

On the third place on popularity was a myth that after taking alcohol easier to fall asleep. Scientists have found that in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, the body can not sink into a deep sleep.

We will remind, the group of scientists from the British University conducted a series of studies, which have concluded that sleep in the room with the mirrors is bad for health in General and for sleep quality in particular.

The theory of the researchers was supported by the astrologers, who believe that the bedroom mirror is not exactly a place. According to popular belief, after the departure to the land of Morpheus a person falls into a kind of space between the living and the world of the dead.

Мифы о сне, которые развеяли ученые: "грозят серьезными заболеваниями"

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During sleep the physical body the soul can move around the house, and if stumbles upon a mirror, then it may go to another world: from ancient times the mirror was considered a portal between the spiritual and material worlds. Experts believe that that is why people can Wake up tired or with bruises of unknown origin.

Previously, scientists have unraveled the mystery of quality sleep. It turns out that we spent years sleeping wrong and harm their own body. In the era of ancient civilizations is no labour law did not exist – people lived and worked according to the biological laws according to which the onset of night time meant rest time and bedtime, as sunrise marked the beginning of a new day.

Recall that scientists have named the ideal duration of sleep.

As reported Politeka what terrible disease can cause sleep deprivation.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have found that sleep drugs life-threatening.