Myths about healthy lifestyles: what you should not do

Мифы о здоровом образе жизни: что категорически нельзя делать

When we choose a healthy lifestyle, you need to know those things can hurt

Everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy, so a healthy lifestyle becomes the norm. Daily workout, Jogging in the morning, the abandonment of sugar and other carbohydrates, and other such tips we hear every day. We meet them in the feeds of social networks, in magazines, in conversations with friends. However, it was not necessary really. Experts collected the myths following which can only harm the body.

Мифы о здоровом образе жизни: что категорически нельзя делать

Myth 1. Labels tell the truth

If you believe everything that is written on the product packaging, we have for you an unpleasant surprise. The manufacturer has a lot of tricks to make the product look less calories or more healthy.

First of all, the caloric value can be specified per 100 g of product and per serving. In this case, the actual calorie content of the product much more. For example, if chocolate is written calorie portions, the tile itself can have three to four times more calories.

Another popular ploy — rename ingredient. For example, if the product contains a lot of sugar, the composition can mean three ingredients: sugar, fructose, and evaporated beet juice. Thus sugar of 15 g and 45 g, but in fact goes still 45 If you want really great to eat, you need to carefully read the labels and follow the old rule: the fewer ingredients, the better.

Myth 2. Dinner give to the enemy

Perhaps, we all know the saying a healthy diet: “eat Breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give the enemy”. But modern research shows that it is better to take their portion back. The constant refusal of dinner entails a slowing of the metabolism, dangerous decline in blood sugar levels, fatigue and too much calories during Breakfast and lunch. In fact, it is best to eat for dinner something light and healthy vegetables and proteins will be a perfect solution which will go figure the only benefit.

Myth 3. Daily workout — it’s perfect

Actually no. To exercise daily can afford only professional athletes whose muscles are already ready for such a load. If, inspired by the idea of sport, we begin to run to the gym every day, then that fuse is likely to harm the muscles because they just have no time to recover. Of course, light loads as charging or asanas of yoga will only keep you in good shape, a complete workout should be restricted to five hours a week: this is what scientists suggest.

Myth 4. The more sweat, the more lose weight

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It is on this myth is based on the idea of thermococcales, slimming saunas, or simply training up a sweat. In fact, the amount of sweat do not affect the efficiency of your workout. For example, an hour of running, you will definitely propitiate will burn about 270-300 calories, and a hour of weight training during which your skin is barely covered with perspiration, — 360 cal. On the use of sweat is the basis for the myth of “heating oil,” in the sauna. In fact, the consumption of calories in the sauna is slightly different from just sitting and lose weight will not help, so to sit in it for hours, waiting for a miracle, it is meaningless.

Мифы о здоровом образе жизни: что категорически нельзя делать

Myth 5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

We’ve all heard that a healthy lifestyle and the more to lose weight without the normal Breakfast is simply impossible. In fact it is not. Recent studies show that people who skipped Breakfast, the day ate less than those who took food in the morning. But there’s a big caveat: we are talking about those who eat Breakfast do not want and forced myself. So if you Wake up and your appetite yet, then you should not torture yourself and Wake him up by force: a time for everything.

Myth 6. Weight loss depends on willpower

When someone says she can’t lose weight, the answer is just advice eat less. In society is that losing weight is a matter of will power, but actually one durability does not go far. In building a beautiful body is involved genetics and lifestyle, and the body of each person individually so that issues of diet and activity need to pick up just under it and make it better together with your doctor.

Myth 7. Running is good for all

Not quite. In fact, 79% of runners get injured during class, and for the most part running is dangerous for those who lands on the heel, for people with asymmetry of the feet, as well as for untrained people with large body mass. Also elderly running can cause heart problems. Magicians, for all its benefits, can also be overdosing: in this case, marked thickening of the walls of the heart, as well as oxidative stress. This effect occurs if you run too much. Optimal time — 30-50 minutes a day.

Myth 8. Carbohydrates and proteins can’t be digested at the same time

On this myth-based movement of separation of power. Usually say that for the digestion of protein and carbohydrates require different environment, and at the same time in the stomach to create they can not. And technically all right. But nature is much smarter and forethought than we think, so the processing of carbohydrates and proteins in the body is separately: the breakdown of carbohydrates takes place in the mouth and small intestine, and proteins are digested in the stomach and the large intestine. Do not neglect the rice to the fish on the grill, still the body will find a way to get the maximum benefit from your food.