Myths about healthy eating: top nutritionist bans, from which we should flee

Мифы о здоровом питании: топ запретов диетолога, от которых надо бежать

Run away from this nutritionist, if he’s going to give you such advice

What kind of food can truly be considered healthy? Today we will learn the most common myths that create nutritionists to straight for us to earn.

Every dietitian wants to make money and that his system of power seemed customers easy and convenient. So often the representatives of this modern profession are somewhat exaggerating with the rules of healthy eating.

Eggs are not useful

Disclaimer: Many nutritionists forbid clients to eat eggs, considering them a source of cholesterol and extra pounds. The doctors assure it is nutritious and low-calorie product.

Мифы о здоровом питании: топ запретов диетолога, от которых надо бежать

Eggs are rich in all kinds of nutrients, including unique antioxidants beneficial for eye health. Despite the fact that eggs are considered “fatty foods”, and eating them more for Breakfast contributes to weight loss than the use, say, bagels or pastries.

Daily you need to eat grains

Disclaimer: compared to other natural products and vegetables, grains have a lower supply of nutrients. They are rich in phytic acid which binds minerals in the gut and keeps them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. The most popular grain in Western diets is wheat. And wheat, among other things, can cause a variety of diseases, both minor and serious. Wheat contains a large amount of protein called gluten. Eating gluten can cause destruction of the stomach lining, cause pain, bloating and fatigue.

Meat and dairy are harmful to the heart

Disclaimer: Eating saturated fats increases the level of good cholesterol (cholesterol high density lipoproteins) and changes the structure of bad cholesterol, making it safe. Meat, coconut oil, cheese, butter … don’t be afraid of these products: they will not harm your health, if you know the measure.

You need to eat low fat foods

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Rebuttal: numerous studies find a strong link between many diseases (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, premature births, depression) and a low-fat diet. The foods that contain fat in small amounts, usually oversaturated with other, much more harmful substances (sugar, dyes, flavor enhancers)

Мифы о здоровом питании: топ запретов диетолога, от которых надо бежать

Today most doctors agree on one particular nutrition ideas, which is called the healthy — to choose the fact that now your body wants. Intuitive nutrition — this is what you want right now. Your body knows what it needs. The main thing — not to overeat.

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