Mystery illness is killing smokers vaping: an urgent statement medical

Таинственная болезнь убивает курильщиков вейпа: срочное заявление медиков

U.S. consumers wapow dying from the unknown lung disease. The authorities have said about the five victims of addiction.

The American centers for control and prevention of diseases registered in the country for five cases of death of a person Smoking electronic cigarette. The United States Department of health urges residents to opt-out of the evaporators due to the new mysterious disease that is associated with their use, writes the WSJ.

Only 450 cases of the disease on the territory of 33 States.

“Obviously, we are talking about an epidemic that requires urgent response”, says Dr. David Christiani of the Harvard school of public health.

Таинственная болезнь убивает курильщиков вейпа: срочное заявление медиков

In this regard, the centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States was engaged in clarification of the appearance of the mysterious disease that hit of vapers. The majority of the cases were also associated with the use of cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol.

The most common symptoms is chest pain, cough, headache, fever, lack of oxygen, loss of consciousness, weight loss, anorexia, diarrhea.

Bronchoscopy has revealed that the disease is not infectious. Radiographs showed a mass in the lower part of the lungs, CT scan — lowering airiness of the pulmonary alveoli.

Specialized treatment was not selected yet due to unknown scientific causes of the disease.

VAPI electronic cigarette was invented with the goal to end Smoking or at least reducing the harm from addiction. However, due to their availability they have become very popular among school students. So, a year ago in the United States during the survey, 21% of high school seniors confessed to using wapow in the last calendar month, while in 2017 there were only 11%.

Таинственная болезнь убивает курильщиков вейпа: срочное заявление медиков

The Ministry of health and social services showed the results of studies proving that e-liquids contain different chemical elements and metal particles, the long-term effects on health yet little studied. Experts say that using e-vaporizers are often young people start to smoke then regular cigarettes.

In addition, scientists from Harvard studied 75 most popular brands of disposable cartridges for electronic cigarettes and liquids for wapow and noticed traces of bacterial and fungal toxins that cause asthma, inflammation and reduce lung function. Bacterial toxins often present in bapah with fruit flavor, and traces of fungi in the fillers flavor of menthol and tobacco.

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American scientists say with confidence that the vapor of e-cigarettes may contain dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemical compounds. As experts explain, toxic aldehydes, such as formaldehyde, does not appear due to direct evaporation, but because of the chemical decay flavored liquid during the rapid heating that occurs in vapuh.

According to the authors, concentrations of the aldehydes e-cigarette compared to ordinary cigarettes.

In the early fall of 2019 in Michigan most of flavored liquids for electronic cigarettes was prohibited. The prohibition referred to products that use sweet and fruity pairs, mint and menthol. Unfortunately it has not spread to electronic cigarettes with flavor of tobacco.

All those who wish to end Smoking, wapi can be helpful. In 2017, American scientists were able to figure out that people who switched to electronic cigarettes can try to quit Smoking more than those who wapama never used (65% vs. 40%).

In addition, electronic Smoking devices do not give ex-smokers gain weight. The average smoker, refused cigarettes, can dial up to 5 kg only for the first year. The reason for this is the lack of nicotine in the body.

This problem can be solved by using nicotinecontaining therapy in which the body receives the nicotine pills and patches. Building on previous research on the impact of tobacco on the body, scientists believe that the use of electronic vaporizers may become an alternative therapy.

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