Mysterious dead body of a famous actress want to exhume: “buried quickly”

Тело загадочно умершей известной актрисы хотят эксгумировать: «похоронили стремительно»

Relatives and friends of the actress are scratching their heads over questions: why is the woman so quickly buried and who would benefit from her death

Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva, a friend who died suddenly Irina Zybina, conducts its own investigation, in which he intended to pursue the exhumation of the body.

Vasilyev can’t settle down and wants to find out the reason for the unexpected death of his girlfriend and a hasty funeral. About Russian media said a friend Zybina Tatyana Tsyplakova.

Тело загадочно умершей известной актрисы хотят эксгумировать: «похоронили стремительно»

“Our common Ira’s friend people’s artist Tatyana Vasilyeva is now conducting its own investigation. If necessary, it will seek the exhumation of the body of Irina, because she was buried very rapidly. If you look for crime, then, first of all, we need to understand who would benefit from the death of Irina,” she said.

Tatyana Tsyplakova believes that in the case of death by Zybina can not be involved with her son Eugene. “Eugene could not. What reason would he have to kill his mother if he was alone in the whole world and very beat up over it?”, — said the actress.

She also said that in recent time, Irina Zybina was all good. She was able to overcome my addiction to alcohol and has reconciled with the former American husband, George Pusepa, with whom she had a daughter Zinaida.

The girl lives with her father. And Zybina several times he flew to visit them in Montenegro.

We will remind, the widow of the famous actor Eugene Evstigneeva Irina Zybina died on the night of April 18, in his apartment in Moscow. She was 55 years old.

According to doctors, the Zybina had a heart attack.

As previously reported, the deceased pursued a suspicious illness before death.

The lawyer of actress Julia Verbitskaya told what the sickness was preceded by the sudden death and what it means.

“We often Irina called up. The last time she was in a strange state. We all agreed to meet, but she endured. Asked to wait for warming weather. Complained that she was constantly cold. Endlessly repeated: “I’m cold, cold.” She didn’t understand why this is so. I comforted her, saying, it will get warmer soon and we’ll go sit in the restaurant. After her death, I reread our correspondence, I was surprised that almost every SMS she wrote about the cold. Maybe it was an indicator of the disease, which she herself did not know,” concluded Yulia Verbitskaya.

Тело загадочно умершей известной актрисы хотят эксгумировать: «похоронили стремительно»

Also the lawyer said that Zybina not talked directly about the disease.

“There are no prerequisites to death was not exact. No. I’m even afraid to imagine, what could happen? Maybe it really is sudden cardiac arrest? Like all actors, she was a lady with high-strung mind,” said the woman.

Recall Zybina died suddenly, her latest post in the network breaks the soul: “Thank you for everything.”

As reported Politeka, died suddenly famous young actress: “working with Tom Hanks”.

Politeka also wrote that there was a video of the funeral of satirist Zadornov.