Mylene Farmer very close to Jean Rochefort : its vibrant tribute to the comedian disappeared – Here

Like many celebrities, Mylène Farmer mourns the loss of Jean Rochefort. A friend to whom she bid farewell by sending a tribute upsetting.

The tributes continue to flood in to Jean Rochefort, who died on 9 October last. After celebrities such as Vincent Cassel, Johnny Hallyday and even Guillaume Canet, who have well-known actor and have expressed their strong emotions, is another star who has wished him farewell.

In the columns of the Point, Mylène Farmer has thus made a very beautiful tribute to his friend Jean Rochefort. A relationship that was previously secret and is born in 2005 when the singer was asked by a friend close to the actor, to submit to the one she has always admired. This was followed by a beautiful friendship that the interpreter of Libertine kept them preciously for it.

Saddened by the death of Jean Rochefort, Mylène Farmer has, therefore, decided to finally tell their story. “Dear John, every day, for years, I go up some stairs and I look into your eyes : a book, your face on its cover, posed in the middle of works of art… You are certainly a work of art,” said the artist, who is then épanchée on their encounter.

“One day, Charlotte, your Charlotte and my girlfriend too, has realized a dream of mine, to meet you. Since that day, I think of you as one thinks of a relative, to a loved one. Since we shared the cakes, the laughs, collapses, our fear of the grim Reaper (who, it turns the works of art…), “said Mylène Farmer, to whom John Rochefort was “irresistible” and ” irreplaceable “. “I miss you already. We miss you, this is it “, declared the singer, who guard now treasured “her treasure” : two letters, written by the hand of his friend.

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