Mykola Tomenko: “will be Replaced by Lee Alexander Tkachenko the position of “Chairman of the KSCA” Vadim Stolar”

Николай Томенко: "Заменит ли Александр Ткаченко на должности "председателя КГГА" Вадима Столара"

The leader of the political party Social movement “Ridna Krayina”, the candidate in people’s deputies from the party “Civic position” Mykola Tomenko commented on the current situation in the KSCA

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Tomenko noted that the team Zelensky plans to apply the precedent of Yanukovych as the head of Kyiv city state administration (KSCA), was appointed Oleksandr Popov and Leonid Chernovetsky left the mayor and the Chairman of the city Council. The basis was the article 10-1 of the Law on the capital of Ukraine, which entitles the President to appoint the head of Kyiv city state administration and not necessarily the mayor.

Николай Томенко: "Заменит ли Александр Ткаченко на должности "председателя КГГА" Вадима Столара"

“True opponents of this decision Yanukovych appealed to the constitutional court’s ruling of 25 December 2003, that KSCA should lead only person elected as Kyiv mayor. As is known, the Decree of Yanukovych and the decision of Popov as head of Kyiv city state administration, no one appealed, because in Ukraine, as a rule, nobody wins in the courts presidents and no President executes the decisions of the constitutional Court”, — said Tomenko.

The politician reminded that Klitschko was appointed Chairman of Kyiv city state administration by the decree Poroshenko on 25 June 2014.

“After the election of the mayor of Kiev in 2015, Decree on the appointment of the Chairman of the KSCA was not?! However, as they say informed sources, in accordance with the Vienna accords of 2014 between Poroshenko, Lyovochkin and Firtash to the City mayor of Kiev Klitschko was set this trio Vadim Stolar as the de facto head of the KSCA,” — said in the message stated.

Thus, it appears that in 2015 the capital was led by Vadim Stolar.

“As Vitaly Klitschko has cut the ribbon went on the bike, rested and engaged in the family business abroad and of course getting the monthly… of gratitude from the Case and,” — said the leader of the party Social movement “Ridna Krayina”.

According to him, the election Zelensky President, it became evident that the activities of the Case-Klitschko for the building under threat, that is why the “Stolar returns to his native ideological environment and made number 11 in the list of Medvedchuk-Liovochkin, and their assistants who supervised the apparatus Klitschko also leads to high places in Epiplatform”.

At the same time the appointment of the head of the KSCA Oleksandr Tkachenko Tomenko believes is wrong.

Николай Томенко: "Заменит ли Александр Ткаченко на должности "председателя КГГА" Вадима Столара"

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“With all due disrespect and rejection antikievskie and corruption Case-Klitschko believe this assignment is incorrect. It is obvious that the current conflict between the city Council and Klitschko is added to the conflict and with the new head of the KSCA. Then, the current chaos in the capital is anarchy”, — he said.

According to Tomenko, in this situation, you need the following:

— audit of the NABOO activities Stolar-Klitschko for 5 years;
— defining the strategy of an optimal model of management of the capital and take appropriate decisions (our team relevant developments);
— early elections of Kyiv mayor and Kyiv city Council.

“Because the people of Kiev to elect their leaders, even when they are too often wrong. Because this is local government. Because that is the respect to Kiev and to Kiev” — said Tomenko.

Николай Томенко: "Заменит ли Александр Ткаченко на должности "председателя КГГА" Вадима Столара" Николай Томенко: "Заменит ли Александр Ткаченко на должности "председателя КГГА" Вадима Столара"

Recall, stated he threatened the President with impeachment because of the Ukrainian language: “Teach Zelensky”.

As reported Politeka, Mykola Tomenko clarified the situation in the Verkhovna Rada.

Also Politeka wrote that Tomenko said, who led the country together with Poroshenko and Ukrainian.