Mykola Tomenko: “under the Guise of reform the government is preparing the closure of thousands of schools”

Николай Томенко: «Прикрываясь реформой правительство готовит закрытие тысяч школ»

The government is trying to discredit the older generation of teachers and so-called small schools

This writes Mykola Tomenko on his page in the network Facebook. Following are the words of the author without review.

Uryadov I Mont roblet all dwellers perconti even have pravilnost their propositions schodo chergova ports experiments have halos osti I science. In context budgete diskus Yak fantasticna desagana podatsa mozliwe 9 vasatkova paviment salaries that surcharges for prescient Pratsi.

Natali, Ralitsa all dwellers diskreditovali older pokolinnja even I Swan malokomplektnyh school that vrahuvati higher education genelink plan:

Spochatku quite Smriti number SQL vishv, and therefore I pedagogu vikladach and potim pcvisit finansowania Tim, hto salsateca on robot.

Foretold, scho in podani Uryadov I Whaley BP Program diyalnosti viznacheno standard ninno Vlady to the right SQL —

Have skin scrname clas guilty booty not less then 15 that is not more 30 ucnv? (NIN dіє norm 5-30).

Scho TSE this means for practic? TSE — zakrita of thousands SCL, perevazhno sliski, de navrati 15 scholars the it lachey regional centers have I not vsih.

Do me zapitannya:

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And chomu class at sliski skol î 10 osib — TSE Chi zlocin the problem?

Scho correctly are Robit;

1. zabezpechiti accnum internetom koinu school;

2. organsaving navchannya I paradganov uchitelu;

3 pagetofame that actively zastosowanie the body of the video lessons for educational processes ( will Sauvage scho lachey system Susplugas telebachennya costo payers paying students 2 miliardi UAH for year I in scini hour vzhe 3 year demonstra flimi about President USA, kitaysky and Grecko kitchen…I Polsk serali!?)

Perekonnanimi scho governmental project of mass scritta SCL TSE project znesennya Ukrayinsky village I vladna relief bratny Polish, Czech, Slouchin, Parsin…I navcan pratsevlashtuvannia our gromadyan.