Mykola Tomenko told about climatic Apocalypse in Ukraine: “Millions of people remain without water.”

Николай Томенко рассказал о климатическом апокалипсисе в Украине: "Миллионы людей останутся без воды"

While our media and experts are discussing the “main event” – the meeting of world leaders, namely: who, whom, where, and how I had kissed, behind the scenes remains relevant and disturbing speech of the head of the UN’s antónio Guterres about the situation with the climate and environment of the world

This writes Mykola Tomenko on his page in the network Facebook, writes Following are the words of the author without review.

So, 2019 July was the hottest month in the history of mankind.

During this month in Greenland melted 179 billion tons of ice. The concentration level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has also reached record levels.

According to the head of UNESCO, Audrey Azul current pollution of waterways can lead to further deterioration of water quality, and by 2050, 5 billion people may have problems with providing fresh water.

If you view the situation in Ukraine, we see a complete lack of state policy on environment:

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– environmental monitoring oligarchic business (as an example, the chicken mafia for more than 10 years is not going to perform ecopipam to the activities of their enterprises);

– the issue of waste management;

– in implementation of the program “Drinking water”;

in the rescue of ponds and small rivers;

– in the restoration of forest plantations……

I am convinced that on the eve of world Climate Summit in new York (September 2019) Ukraine needs to propose real projects for joint international funding ( in particular we are talking about ekoagros in the Donbas) and become one of the most active and efficient countries, which fulfills the obligations under the Climate agreement.