My friend Dino at Fantasia

dino-tavarone-joue-role-principalMy friend Dino, the third feature Almatois Jimmy Larouche, will be presented at the 20th closing night film Fantasia International Film Festival on 2 August. The day before, it will have been seen by some 200 people at the first Festival CinéVue in Magog.

These events coincide with the first media of the film which will be held August 5 in the Metropolis. “I’ll have a big month of August,” said Jimmy Larouche outset, joined on Sunday by The Daily.

“We will benefit from a copy shop window. Fantasia is a famous festival and with whom I have lived beautiful experiences. As for CinéVue, my friend Dino will be projected on a boat in the middle of Lake Memphremagog, “he said.

In recent years, the writer and director had the chance to share four of his short films at the Fantasia Festival. He was also a jury member at competitions of short films.

The film stars Dino Tavarone, Michel Côté, Joëlle Morin, Manuel Tadros and Sasha Migliarese.

“I’m not afraid of dying, I am afraid of dying,” said Dino Tavarone, main actor of the film.

After spending 4 years in prison for drug trafficking, the latter rose to fame singing the mob boss in the TV series Omerta.

Today aged 72, he plays what could be his last role. Somewhere between reality and fiction, my friend Dino offers privileged access to the world of this sympathetic anarchist. Laughter and tears will be waiting for you in this unique cinematic experience.

Dino Tavarone said: “In Italian, the word means fantasia fantasy. There is a Neapolitan dialect to tell someone free and unpredictable, he left in fantasy. Since our film is full of fantasies, I am very happy to know that he will meet in Fantasia, a festival that I love. ”

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