Mustache our: Gassiev broke out the nonsense before the fight with the Ukrainian

Усик наш: Гассиев разразился бредом накануне поединка с украинцем

Sensational fight the Tendril-Gassiev will be held in Moscow less than a month. Russian boxer shared his thoughts about the upcoming match

On July 21, the Ukrainian Alexander Usik and Russian Murat Gassiev will fight for the title of champion of the world Boxing series (WBSS) at the Moscow arena SK “Olympic”, recalls Know.Sport.

This fight has been postponed several times and was on the verge of collapse due to the fact that the parties could not agree on the venue. Gassiev told about his attitude to the upcoming battle, as well as related rumors.

Усик наш: Гассиев разразился бредом накануне поединка с украинцем

Boxer argues that on the one hand pleased that the battle with the Moustache will take place in Moscow, as in this case, it will be able to support his friends and family. He also noted that fans of the Mustache will also be easier to come to the match in Moscow than in Europe or Saudi Arabia, as originally planned.

While Gassiev admits that the battle in the Russian capital has its drawbacks.

“By cons I’ll take the already started talk that unfair to fight in the country one of the finalists that Mustache almost going to poison and so on. Of course, this is complete nonsense. First, we are professional athletes and should be prepared to act where say the organisers. If the promoters of the series decided that it is necessary to fight in Kiev, in Berlin or on the moon, I would be willing to go there. I am sure that Barbel would have answered the same,” said boxer.

He added that his annoying attempts to turn their match with Mustache in a political confrontation.

“We are athletes, we are not politicians and we do not need to be drawn into any confrontation. We’ll find out who the better boxer and then shake hands”, — said Gassiev.

He also added that he was confident that the match will be no less than the fans of the Mustache than his own.

“Alexander in Russia know, love and think its like Vasyl Lomachenko, Gennady Golovkin. But because the conversations about the performance “on the territory of the opponent” here is not very appropriate,” — said athlete.

Усик наш: Гассиев разразился бредом накануне поединка с украинцем

Earlier it became known that the long-awaited fight between Ukrainian Alexander Usik and Russian Murat by Gassieva for the title of world champion under the version of the world series of Boxing (WBSS) to be held in Moscow.

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The match was decided to be held on July 21 in Moscow “Olympic” complex. This was announced on Monday, 18 June, the General Secretary of Federation of Boxing of Russia Umar Kremlev.

Recall that the Moustache had to get in the ring with Gassieva 11 may. The fight for the title of champion WBSS was to be held in Saudi Arabia, but because of an injury Ukrainian boxer it had to be postponed.

After the Ukrainians agreed to hold the fight in Moscow, many domestic fans criticized his decision.

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