Museum of Air Defence: answers to all

colonel-darcy-molstad-president-conseilWilliam “Billy” Bishop was this famous ace of the First World War? Is it really that Arthur Roy Brown shot down Manfred von Richthofen, the dreaded Red Baron? Are there has already had nuclear missiles at the Bagotville base during the Cold War?

These are some of the eight questions posed by visitors to the new thematic exhibition of the Air Defence Museum, which reopened a few days ago.

For this 20th season, The shadow of the coin is to highlight what is behind the heroes, stories and legends, and events.

Thus, we will also ask if the Spitfire is really the only aircraft that helped win the Battle of Britain, when the CF-105 Arrow is the perfect airplane all the world hire and cries, if the Great Escape is the event has described Steeve McQueen in his film of the 60s, where the 22 Canadian pilots who participated in the Korean war and “can we regain the lost legion? ”

Not about to reveal the answers that everyone will find by visiting the thematic exhibition. And some of those answers will not fail to surprise. Skeptical? Well, a clue: there were no American prisoners to the Great Escape … but of Canadians.

In unveiling the theme of 2016, the president of the board of the museum, Michel Belley, recalled that this is in addition to the permanent exhibition, the interactive experience in the marquee and the memorial which displays different generations of military aircraft.

The museum is open daily from 9 am to 17 pm and the tour includes a guided tour of the base by bus.

“This is a unique opportunity for the general public to visit an operational military base and understand our daily operations, mentioned Colonel Darcy Molstad. Our museum is the only museum in Quebec on military aviation and the only museum on the French aviation in North America. ”

For the commander of Bagotville, it is part of the link between the regional population at its base and allows it to measure the magnitude of the air force throughout history.

Financial health

According to Michel Belley, the museum is in good financial health through Saguenay carrier that has committed nearly $ 100,000 over a period of three years, that of the base, and different ministries.

This is also reflected in terms of attendance which Mr. Belley, is constantly increasing, leaving 8,000 visitors per year to 15 000 in 2015, the highest experienced by the museum.

The tourist tip extends from June 23 to September 5. In the fall adds customer cruise ships.

The commander pays tribute to Gilles Lamontagne

The Commander of CFB Bagotville and 3 Wing, Col. Darcy Molstad, paid tribute to Gilles Lamontagne, who died Tuesday night. A tribute to the politician, former mayor of Quebec, Minister of National Defence and Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, but especially war hero, pilot of the Second World War.

“I was very sad to learn of the death of Gilles Lamontagne last night. He was a bomber pilot and was taken prisoner by the Germans. He was an exemplary citizen who served his province and his country with distinction. And I’m sure now that it will become one of our angels to watch over the Bagotville base and museum responsible to tell his story, “said the colonel Molstad while he was speaking to start new tourist season the Museum of the air Defence Wednesday, early afternoon. Normand Boivin

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