Murderers brutally murdered with a police officer: “Russians”, footage from the scene of an emergency

Душегубы жестоко расправились с сотрудником МВД: "оказались россиянами", кадры с места ЧП

Murderers brutally murdered with a police officer

Writes about this edition of Apostrophe, referring to the blogger Nexta.

It is noted that the group of unknown men who brutally murdered by law enforcement, fled the scene of an emergency for cars with the Russian numbers.

Душегубы жестоко расправились с сотрудником МВД: "оказались россиянами", кадры с места ЧП

As you know, Belarus has brutally murdered a police officer. It is reported that three representatives of the Roma nationality in transport with the Russian numbers kidnapped, stripped and mocked the 23-year-old strongman from Mogilev, and then killed.

The personnel of the local police Department was alerted, in the Mogilev district introduced a plan “Siren”. According to preliminary information, the young employee of GAI stopped the car “Volga” in Russian, to get to the accident scene.

A few minutes later, he wrote to his colleagues in the working chat in Viber the following message: “Urgent. Black Volga. Three Gypsy. License plate — Russian”, after which he was found his corpse.

When the police of the Smolensk region of the Russian Federation, where was the room of the “Volga”, responded to the scene and promised to hold a car with a driver as soon as it will be on the territory of the Russian region.

Душегубы жестоко расправились с сотрудником МВД: "оказались россиянами", кадры с места ЧП

Earlier it was reported that a terrible massacre of the girl happened right in the supermarket. This is stated in the report, published in the Telegram-channel Lifeshot. It is reported that the attacker stabbed his victim 20 times with a knife in the neck and stomach, but none of the visitors and employees of the supermarket did not dare to help the girl.

As you know, the brutal murder happened in one of the Russian supermarkets “Pyaterochka”. It turned out that it wasn’t a robbery, because the killer knew his victim because she was his neighbor and they often clashed.

“The killer hard-drinking and are constantly staged at night discos, unscrewing the speakers at full capacity. The girl did not just call the police and even threatened to write to the lover’s statement,” say, rossm.

Recall that the “murderer was at liberty”: details of the scandal of the murder of the security guard Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, on the Baptism of the inhabitant of Nikolaev brutally murdered with ex-husband, who came to visit her for the occasion.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians are scared of the murder of a chef: now we have to keep quiet so as not slaughtered.