Murder Cedrika Provencher: “I am confident that justice is done”

cette-photo-prise-mardi-fin(Trois-Rivieres) “If the police has returned, we can assume that it is because it was worth it. I am confident that the individual can get caught, that justice is done even if I do not talks of revenge feeling. I am convinced that the matter will be settled. It will take the time it takes. ”

Martin Provencher reacts positively to the resumption of research of the Surete du Quebec on the back of her daughter. The discovery of human remains Cédrika Provencher in December had brought the police to launch an extensive search operation. It was back on the scene Tuesday strong new information designated as credible by the police force.

A score of police specialists in this type of research were the limits of Saint-Maurice and Trois-Rivières Tuesday morning. They were accompanied by a dozen other members of the SQ (investigators, forensic identification services, forensic laboratory and legal services) to conduct research.

The scale of the police operation in December resulted receiving a lot of information. SQ checked each track and this is what led the police force to undertake further research on Tuesday, a situation that “satisfied” Martin Provencher.

“Following the discovery of the bones of Cedrika, he entered, information. Police still demand. It is a puzzle that is missing some pieces and it quietly between. It is important to give information to the police, as small as it can be. This is probably the missing information, “says Provencher, who was addressing the media for the first time since the discovery of the remains of his daughter.

This new police operation is however independent of that conducted in December, says Captain Guy Lapointe.

“We did not come here to complete the job. There is new information that was received that lead us to come here, “said SQ spokesperson”, specifying that the research work done in December had been done to the satisfaction of the police force.

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