Murder at the residence of Saakashvili: the politician made a statement, “this signal”

Убийство под резиденцией Саакашвили: политик сделал заявление, "это сигнал"

The death of a human directly below the residence of the stunned ex-the Governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili

Georgian politician suddenly told Polish media about the murder, which prompted him to leave the house. The former President published the text of the conversation on his page in Facebook.

Mikheil Saakashvili said that in 2015 during the appointment of the head of the Odessa regional administration “did not know the details of the “Byzantine” system of the Dnieper”. Ukrainian politicians feared that Odessa will take over Russia. Therefore, none of the Kiev officials did not want to go to the region. But Miehel Saakashvili agreed on the condition that he will receive his chief of police and the Prosecutor.

Убийство под резиденцией Саакашвили: политик сделал заявление, "это сигнал"

“However, after a month, the Kiev government stripped them of all powers, making the fight against corruption is impossible. Then the polls showed that I was the most popular politician in the country. Therefore, Poroshenko admitted that I was his Manager. He gave the green light to the Odessa mafia, I got to go my people, and later I had to go there. In my residence was killed by a COP and no one found guilty. It was a signal for me that this band is ready for anything,” — said the former Governor.

Mikheil Saakashvili believes that even after independence system in Ukraine has not changed. Petro Poroshenko has become one of the most powerful oligarchs, Rinat Akhmetov expanded its power. Business in control of all spheres of life of Ukrainians. This has led to disastrous consequences for the entire country:

Убийство под резиденцией Саакашвили: политик сделал заявление, "это сигнал"

“If we are talking about economic issues, the last five years have been a disaster. This Exodus from Ukraine was not in the entire history of the state. Ukraine lost more people than during the Holodomor. Reforms Poroshenko only imitated,” explained Mikheil Saakashvili. He added that after coming to power of Vladimir Zelensky want to regain Ukrainian citizenship, but does not count for position in the new government.

Recall that Zelensky has dealt an unexpected blow to Poroshenko: “kicked Saakashvili”.

As reported Politeka, Saakashvili large mountain: the death of a loved one “will be missed”.

Also Politeka wrote that Saakashvili explained why Zelensky lose the war with Russia: “Putin has decided…”.