Murals in the roundabout

1219596(Sherbrooke) Eight murals will emerge over the next two weeks as the roundabout built at the intersection of Industrial Boulevard and Portland. Graffiti will be painted on the concrete walls that surround the multifunctional trail.

“The walls that surround the track will be painted between June 30 and July 15 by graffiti artists. We made a call for projects under the theme Sherbrooke green future. We see why a little when it comes to sustainable mobility, environment, nature. There were many ideas as to graffiti artists, “says Chantal, councilor and chair of tags and graffiti committee.

The chosen artists are Ultra nan, Arnold Vincent, Boris Biberdzic, William Marceau-Briggs, Dominic Lessard, Nicolas Lareau, Raphael Alin, Olivier Trottier, Jessica and Samuel Chabot Beaubien. The multifunctional trail will be closed during construction.

“These are permanent works that will last a minimum of five years. Protection will be over. The first call will cover eight walls on 14. There will be a second call for proposals in late August for the remaining six walls, “says Hope.

Councillor mentions that the tags and graffiti committee aims to avoid the deterioration of the urban environment. Initiatives like this in the roundabout have reduced the number of complaints of damage to public property and have reduced cleaning costs for the City of Sherbrooke.

Guylaine Perron, captain Division Safe Environments Police Service of Sherbrooke, indicates that the number of complaints rose from 168 in 2013 to 104 in 2015 for graffiti. On 27 June, there were only 28 in 2016. “Let me think that the actions that we ask and the platform we are giving our artists are working.

“We see that artists have a need to express themselves. They are places for themselves. By creating legal areas, we reduce harm. We can work in law enforcement or we can work in prevention by involving the people, by raising awareness and educating, “says Perron, adding that these initiatives create mutual respect between artists and authorities.

Other graffiti projects are also planned this summer. The Urban Art Happening is provided on the Wellington Street South from 16 to 31 July, when a provision of urban art will be presented in public.

Amalgam The festival will meanwhile in its fifth edition during the event Bouffe your Centro and the project Art calls you, which is to paint on the sidewalk plows shovels, will return in September.

Youth centers Azimut North and Spot also have graffiti projects. A mural in St. Francis Sharing façade will also be conducted and ongoing work will be created on an outside wall of the Murray Residence.

For more information on the various projects, we consult the sherbrooke.ca/graffitis

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