Mumford & Sons: Beyond appearances

winston-marshall-quand-on-forme(Quebec) Mumford & Sons The British conquered the world with their songs to fuel an energy rock, folk served in a package. On their first visit to Quebec City next Saturday is however four musicians who have expanded their playing field that will matter: the guys have launched a third album, Wilder Mind, which incorporates an electric instrumentation, and s ‘preparing to publish a max content world, Johannesburg, recorded in South Africa.

When it comes to Mumford & Sons, you have to see beyond appearances. There was first the name, suggesting a family, while Marcus Mumford (lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, drums), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards), Winston Marshall (vocals, electric guitar, banjo) and Ted Dwane (vocals, bass, bass) are essentially his brothers. Then these folk tones of the early years, which hid several rock bill titles. And so, recently, the guys decided to plug in the amps, they do not turn back to the acoustic universe either … One constant, however: the passion of the quartet for shows and tours. The Sun spoke with Winston Marshall.

Q You will stop in Quebec City for the first time …

R Finally! I can not believe we are ever went! We went several times to Montreal and Quebec ever. But you know what? It’s not for lack of trying. We want to play more shows outside. It’s just that there were ambushes. But this time we thought we had to go elsewhere. And it’s not just that: we had many good words about Quebec, so we are very excited to go there.

Q It seems that you hold that it is an outdoor show. Why was this aspect so important?

R We love playing outside. I spoke recently with someone who had been on the tour of the White Stripes in Canada, you know, when they played lots of unusual places, and we want to do that. I think the last time we did it in eastern Canada was to Lake Simcoe and the temperature is so great at this time of year we wonder what we would do to inside. For English, we have to enjoy the weather!

Q Marcus Mumford once said that the band name was a mistake because it did not represent the collective side of the band. And even your look old debut, which was intended to hide her excess weight was a mistake. Does this mean that the folk sound of the debut was also a mistake?

A I would say “accident” rather than “error”. It was not a mistake, because we had nothing planned. It happened thus. And there was more annoying things than others – I really wore clothes annoying! But hey, that’s what we do. So I think it was very natural, no matter what excited us and stimulates our imagination, especially musically … The group names are hard to find, apart from the Rolling Stones, which was really a good name … the Beatles is a bad name, perhaps one of the worst, but it became great, because it’s the Beatles …

Q With the album Wilder Mind, released last year, you have abandoned the acoustic instrumentation in favor of the power, but on stage, do you keep the original arrangements of the first two albums or is it that you review them?

R We took a break before making the album, and after recording, we tried to rearrange the pieces in a new way and we realized that it sounded better with the instruments that were used previously . They are quite unique and when playing in a rock context, it really consistent with these songs, it gives them a special flavor. These moments are happy, are preserved, even if it may give the impression of a show of varieties of a certain way. But it is well mixed.

Q According to Marcus, you are the one that pushes the band musically. How?

A I think we did all that. As a group, we get tired of doing things too long. It gets excited before the new instrumentation, new gadgets, new toys. So much has toured with bass, banjo, acoustic guitar, once returned home, we wanted to play with something else: the electric guitar, no battery, and I think we always wanted things that excited us more, new toys, and now we have all sorts of gadgets, we do not really know how to use. We do not know how to use it, but that’s why it’s fun: because we have no idea what you are doing!

Q Wilder Mind critics really divided: there is one side those who loved and the other who did not appreciate. That surprised you, these extremes?

A Not really. You can not please everyone, there is no album that can please all but the Beatles albums. Even then, my mother does not like all the Beatles albums! I do not think we had cared about that. As a group, each one simply tries to impress others with the music you love all four, and that’s still pretty difficult to reach, before pleasing to the world. So that’s our goal and that’s what I believe that stimulates us to continue.

Q You do not do you impress each other, there is something special going on with your audience. How the shows are important to you?

R The shows are always the heart of the group. We love writing music, but give the shows, this is what we do since we were children and that’s what we all love. It is as if one became alive on stage in different ways. This is something that goes beyond the group. We were so lucky: people come to shows and back; they are involved and are present. I guess that’s what we love about it. It becomes like a party!

Q From the beginning, you’ve had your record label and your management company, which seems to have been an informed decision. Is your freedom comes from there? From the beginning, it was expensive and you you have not lost?

R Absolutely. We met all musicians being involved in different groups across London. Saw lots of groups, how they evolved, and we learned from these people, because we all shot separately with these other groups. Before starting the group was immersed in there, a little blind. Experience is input and collaborative way we progressed and it became our driving force.

The South African adventure
Like any artist who has an international career, Mumford & Sons became a big machine. But no matter the commitments, the musicians work hard to keep their spontaneity and enable creative meetings. Their recent tour of South Africa and the publication of minialbum Johannesburg June 17 illustrate this.

The four men met with The Very Best training in Australia in 2010 and are guaranteed not to lose touch. Moreover, it is through them that they discovered the Senegalese Baaba Maal, in 2013, and they began to make music with him. The South African troupe Beatenberg also among the happy meetings. The British wanted to take the time to write original material with all these accomplices and reside in the studio to capture it all on Johannesburg.

“It was a very different process for us, says Winston Marshall. We are accustomed to collaborations and we are used to working together the four, but this time it was four bands and artists and so it was a new way to do for everyone. I think the key was to be open and everyone came in with a positive attitude. We just played, had ideas. We tried to marvel at each other, the idea was to provoke a reaction from the other, it encourages you. So it was very exciting. I think we hear on the album. ”

This is not the first time that Mumford & Sons provides an adventure to savor world. The group had indeed stayed in India in 2010. Winston Marshall, however, that to allow this type of project, out of the box and the usual routine, it takes a lot of organization.

“We love collaborations, we love to travel and we were fortunate to have great opportunities for collaborations. People make suggestions to us and we do as we can to make that happen. We have a great management team, enabling that crazy things like travel in India or in South Africa occur. It is not that arriving, it is also hard work. I think a lot of bands would if it was not so difficult to organize. ”

In French, but not in “Quebec”

Winston Marshall’s mother was of French origin. As guitarist and singer he knows to speak in the language of Molière. He also set the tone for our interview there from a few lines in French. But when he was told he could be the one that would address the audience during the show at the Baie de Beauport, he was quick to say he did not speak “Quebec”. We had beautiful clear to him that the two languages ​​are the same and that, apart from some subtle, differences are mainly related to stress, Marshall still convinced that the “Quebec” is a separate language: “We shot a some time with half a dozen of Quebecers and quickly when they spoke them, I had no clue what they were saying. It was another language to me! ”

Make a mini-festival and choose his accomplices
Mumford & Sons likes to settle in various places and create mini-festivals. Saturday’s stop at the Baie de Beauport is no exception. Mumford & Sons is careful to select artists who will share the stage with the band. Thus Raury addition, this rapper from Georgia, Montrealers The Franklin Electric and Patrick Watson are scheduled. “Someone in the group is a big fan [of Patrick Watson] and we did discover says Winston Marshall. So we are very happy that he is here, at the concert. “The guitarist also said that his group is trying to focus on collaborations, then it is quite possible that the way guest musicians interact with Mumford & Sons .. .

Want to go?
Who: Mumford & Sons and Guests
When: June 11, 19:30
Where: Baie de Beauport
Tickets: $ 82
Info: baiedebeauport.com

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