Mud hole: the activities will be tolerated

trou-boue-saint-jean-vianneyOff-road activities in the mud hole will eventually be tolerated in the area of ​​Saint-Jean-Vianney. Saguenay returned Thursday on its decision after announcing Monday that access to the mud hole would be prohibited for the 2016 season.

“I must tell you that these activities are not authorized by the city, as they were not in the last 25 years,” said the mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay, in a video of City in action .

“There will be, if people have it, the police will do usual checks, like last year. There is nothing new, “he said. The first magistrate added, however, that if an accident occurred, it was at the risk of vehicle enthusiasts all terrain.

“Things will probably be better framed about the next few years,” he concluded, referring to the proposed development site. The draft Dany St-Pierre, who has long managed the site activities, should be ready for summer 2017.

Monday, Saguenay announced in a press release that the activities in the mud hole would not be accepted in 2016, and signage indicating the prohibition to conduct some activities “off roads” would be installed. The City had explained his decision by saying be responsible for the security sector and supervision of the activities taking place there.

Several citizens had subsequently criticized the Saguenay-making on social media. According to CBC, a Sunday demonstration planned to protest the prohibition on access to the mud hole was canceled after Thursday’s turnaround.

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