MTQ evaluates the condition of the bridge Grandes-Fourches

pratiquement-arrive-fin-sa-vie(Sherbrooke) Pending the city unveils its plans and timelines for replacement of the bridge Grandes-Forks, in downtown Sherbrooke, the Ministry of Transport carries out work on the current structure, almost reached the end of its useful life, to ensure that it can still carry the load of vehicles driving by.

Until July 16, one of two lanes will be closed on des Grandes-North Forks of the bridge over the Magog River. The access ramps to the rue des Grandes-Fourches North from Frontenac and Frontenac from Grandes-Forks North will be closed at almost any time during the same period.

“We try to protect the structure to maintain its capacity to 10 tons,” says Nadège Tessier, communications officer at the direction of the Estrie Ministry of Transport of Quebec.

“If the bridge’s condition evolved, we should conduct a new study of carrying capacity. Meanwhile, we continue our annual inspections. If people’s safety was compromised, it could be that we get to close the bridge. “However, this possibility has not been mentioned yet.

As for the ongoing negotiations between the City and the MTQ for the replacement of the bridge, which would be moved westward almost to the height of the Wellington Street North, the ministry says it does not have on hand “official facilities retained by the City of Sherbrooke. ” Without this information, it would be impossible to go further.

Preliminary arrangements have already been presented, but the final version would still wait.

The bridge Grandes-Fourches must be rebuilt by 2018. The structure at the junction of Terrill streets and Grandes-Fourches would be replaced by a roundabout instead Nikitotek would be moved near the existing parking lot Romper.

In April, Mayor Bernard Sevigny said that the concept should be presented in a “few weeks”. The project was still worth $ 31 million and the City had obtained the project management of the site. Work would start at the earliest in 2017.

The executive committee chairman, Serge Paquin says that the plans still need to be prepared and that draft studies are ongoing. “In parallel, discussions are with the department. Talks continue. We are condemned to hear us. It going. It becomes clearer. ”

The new bridge should have a modern signature and integrate active transportation infrastructure. The final plan should be presented in late summer or fall.

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