Mr. Cantin puts flats on dogs

charles-cantinThe authorities have the right to issue tickets tickets for dogs prohibited on their territory, but then to ask the owners to euthanize them, there would be a margin, the criminalist believes Charles Cantin.

A couple of Jonquiere, Martin Lemay and Alexandra Duperre-Simard received a ticket of $ 149 because he has a dog that would be prohibited by law from Saguenay.

Saguenay officials reported that the family of the Rue Saint-Dominique had a few days to get rid of the animal, according to what The Daily revealed. The couple can choose to return the animal to the SPCA, a person living in a place where this dog breed is accepted or to have it euthanized.

“I am not convinced that the authorities may require pet owners to have him killed. This animal did not attack anyone, did not bite and has not shown signs of danger. Had this been the case, if the dog had endangered the safety of people, it would be another story, “believes Mr. Cantin, initially.

“Secondly, authorities must prove that the dog is part of banned breeds in the territory. I think it takes an expert to determine. All that to say that the obligation to dispose of the animal is not so clear that it “adds criminalist.


The city authorities intend to put regulations into effect, but no way to run around the city in the hope of spotting a prohibited dog.

“We do not go hunting for banned dogs. Our police intervene only if a complaint is filed. They will observe the situation and give a ticket if necessary, “says Jeannot Allard, Saguenay Communications office.

Besides, a policeman from Saguenay returned to the couple’s home on St. Dominique Street, Wednesday afternoon.

“He seemed to see if we still had the animal. We were in contact with our lawyer, Charles Cantin. He told us not to allow the police to enter and especially not let him go with our dog. We have not received new fines for now, “said Ms. Simard-Duperré.

It has registered his dog. It would be a mix of Labrador and boxer.

Various reactions on social networks

The banned dogs back, especially pit bulls, continues to talk. On the Daily Facebook page, many users went there for their opinion.

Some feel that this story goes too far, while others state that the police are simply applying the law.

Sandra Marie Hrycko believes that prior to require the owner to get rid of his animal, the City must conduct audits.

“What happens to the presumption of innocence? This is a dog of mixed breed, then the city should have the burden of proving that the dog does have the genetic makeup of a banned breeds. This dog also has the physical characteristics of a mixture Boxer, Mastiff, Cane Corse or Rotweiller. Require the city to do a DNA test from a reliable company! “She wrote.

This reaction led to various comments to the effect that it is the owner to pay the fees to show that the dog is a banned breed.

“No one is supposed to ignore the law. This family should have inquired before purchasing this dog. The company did not pay the mistake made by the family. Recognize that you have made a mistake and assume then getting rid of the dog, that’s it, “Benoit Menier slice.

Others say there are no bad dogs, only bad owners, that all depends on how the dog is trained.

Sandra Perron did not believe that people can order to kill the dog.

“I can not believe there are people who have no heart to the point of saying” going to euthanize your dog end point “it is inconceivable! Just to think so, you have a more aggressive behavior than the beast in question! “She says. Stephane Begin

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