MP showed who is “boss dryukaet”: “Made from three…”

Депутат Рады показал, кого «дрюкает шеф»: «Вынес сразу три…»

Ukrainian parliamentarian disgraced correspondence that “light up” in a sessional hall

About it reports “Censor.”

So, the people’s Deputy from BPP Dmitry Lubinets received a message from user “KS, Verveyko Ivan Dmitrievich”.

“Mokhov, su**and issued three decisions on the seizure of documents UVK archive of Kiev, Volnovakha and Konstantinovka. Shevchenko says, I will do the digging, because his boss dryukaet. I threw him he went to Kiev to establish a connection to se”, — stated in the message text.

Депутат Рады показал, кого «дрюкает шеф»: «Вынес сразу три…»

Note that Lubenec elected to the Verkhovna Rada on the district No. 60 in the Donetsk region with the center in Volnovakha. Verveyko Ivan Dmitrievich listed on the website Lubints as a member of his team in Volnovakha — “Specialist in economy of enterprise”. His responsibilities included “the implementation of the orders of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine in relations with public authorities at all levels, Volnovakha district, law enforcement, and APU.”

As previously reported, the faction “popular front” decided to withdraw from the coalition. About this on his page in Facebook said the journalist Vasily Apasov. He noted that the decision was taken at a meeting of the faction. It turned out to be unanimous.

Note, this step will allow the speaker Andrew Paruby to start the countdown of 30 days during which the Parliament should be formed a new majority.

If this does not happen, Parliament could be dissolved by the President. That, however, no less than six months before the planned elections.

Депутат Рады показал, кого «дрюкает шеф»: «Вынес сразу три…»

However, there is still the likelihood that the policy agreed and early elections will still be.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky warned of a “match”, which he can prepare the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

About it on his personal Facebook wrote the journalist Orest Sohar.

According to him, Vladimir Zelensky could lose the right to dissolve Parliament under certain conditions.

In particular, the newly elected head of state will not be able to announce the dissolution of Parliament in that case, if one of the factions will declare withdrawal from the so-called majority in the Verkhovna Rada.

Депутат Рады показал, кого «дрюкает шеф»: «Вынес сразу три…»

Recall that the Zelensky spoke sharply about the date of inauguration: “we Decided to annoy”.

As reported Politeka, Rada set the date of the inauguration Zelensky, appeared the first details.

Also Politeka wrote that the powers Zelensky was threatened with what happened, “the system is not broken”.