MP rybczynski attacked: ex-wife pouring dirt on all sides

Нардепа Рыбчинского атаковали: бывшая супруга льет грязь со всех сторон

Eugene rybczynski discovered the truth about the statements of his ex-wife, who has arranged a scandal after they broke up

The ex-wife of people’s Deputy, member of the parliamentary group “people’s Will” Eugene rybczynski slammed into him with accusations and threats, shortly after their breakup. The MP commented on the scandal in an interview with the OBOZREVATEL.

“There is nothing to comment on. Four years of trying to get my family back in the Ukraine ended in the actual termination of marital life, adultery by a wife, blackmail, the division of property and in the end throwing d*RMA on the fan. I have nothing to say about salaries in envelopes, the money from Akhmetov, nor about anything else, because I, like you, first heard about it,” said rybczynski.

He recalled that his scandalous ex-wife gave an interview to the Pro-Russian media, which suggests that it was a deliberate campaign of dousing it with dirt as a politician.

Нардепа Рыбчинского атаковали: бывшая супруга льет грязь со всех сторон

“The more that the former is the same lawyer who had Okunskaya. And her methods are well known to all the blackmail, threats and extortion of money. And the victims, as always, unfortunately, remain children. But God will judge them” — said rybczynski.

It is worth noting that earlier ex-wife rybczynski, which, according to him, betrayed her husband, said that allegedly lives in the United States alone, with three children and did not receive a penny of alimony from their spouse. After that, she went to the perp and started to threaten her ex-husband. In particular, it required him nearly $ 20 million for their home in Ukraine and tens of thousands of dollars for its maintenance in the United States.

Нардепа Рыбчинского атаковали: бывшая супруга льет грязь со всех сторон

In addition, she claimed that the ex-husband allegedly asked her for a “technical divorce”, but after paperwork disappeared from family life.

Interestingly, her statements spread by Pro-bloggers.

Recall, Eugene rybczynski revealed the real face of Poroshenko.

As reported Politeka, Eugene rybczynski said, as Poroshenko went to the second round.

Politeka also wrote that Eugene rybczynski revealed the true intentions of Putin in the Donbass.