MP crashed in an accident: there was a video from the scene of the accident

Нардеп разбился в ДТП: появилось видео с места аварии

There are details and videos of the accident with the participation of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine

Accident involving policy occurred in the Kirovograd region. As eyewitnesses told, the driver Dmitry Linko lost control and hooked the truck.

From hitting the SUV was thrown into the outbuildings near the road. All participants of the accident escaped with bruises and shock. All claims settled in the European accident report and left.

Нардеп разбился в ДТП: появилось видео с места аварии

Recall, MP from the Radical party Dmitry Linko got in an accident on the way to the workshop.

This told the press Secretary of the Kirovohrad territorial organization of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko Irina Legal.

According to her the incident occurred in the village of Ivangorod in Kirovohrad region.

In the accident the Deputy received minor injuries, but overall feels OK.

Нардеп разбился в ДТП: появилось видео с места аварии

Earlier it was reported that in the Russian city of Sochi was a terrible accident: a car crashed into a group of passers-by. The tragedy occurred the afternoon of 4 July in Sochi Dagomys Lazarevsky district.

The time of the accident was caught on video. It is possible to see how the Chevrolet automobile at full speed into oncoming traffic, then onto the sidewalk, and then hits tree and drives into a group of six pedestrians who walked back to him on the sidewalk.

The car stopped only after it flew off the road and crashed into another car.

Нардеп разбился в ДТП: появилось видео с места аварии

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The incident

In the accident one person died on the spot and three more were hospitalized.

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As it turned out, behind the wheel of the car was 23-year-old local resident named Sergey Antonyan. Eyewitnesses claim that after the tragedy in the glove compartment of his car found a bottle of vodka.

The young man told the police he fell asleep at the wheel. He pleaded guilty, but said he did not remember the moment of hitting people, because at this point sleeping.

Antonian argues that this did not sleep for two days because of their work: Sergei a taxi driver. At some point while driving, he could not resist the tired and fell asleep.

In the Chapter of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Krasnodar region have confirmed that the accident occurred due to the fact that the driver was asleep behind the wheel.

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