Movie premieres of the week: DZIDZIO and Halloween

Кинопремьеры недели: DZIDZIO  и  Хеллоуин

The main premiere cinema in Kiev and Ukraine during the week of 22-28 October. Horror stories 2: the Ghosts of Halloween and wild life.

From October 25, 2018 movie, you can watch seven new Prime Minister: Ukrainian Comedy “DZIDZIO First time”, the horror movie “Halloween”, adventure film “Horror stories 2: Ghosts of Halloween”, drama, “wild life” with Jake Gylenhaal and Carrie Milligan in the lead roles, the French drama ”Ecstasy”, the Indian children’s animated film “Peter pan: In search of the magical book,” the Ukrainian historical drama “Black Cossack”.

DZIDZIO First time

DZIDZIO First time / photo:

Genre: Comedy

Director: Taras Dron, Mikhail Khoma

Actors: Michael Homa, Sergei Liba, Anna Tikhomirova, Olga Kiyashko

Jiji is a great artist, which remains in the soul a naive child. All his life he has to keep a little secret, which now becomes a huge problem.

This time to help the man not one: no mom, no best friend, because the problem craaaaaap delicate. To solve her Jiji will have for the first time and very carefully.


Halloween / photos:

Genre: horror

Director: David Gordon Green

Actors: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andy Matychak

The events on Halloween with Laurie Strode in 1978, forced the woman to literally hate a holiday and at the same time fear it. Many years ago a woman nearly died at the hands of the legendary maniac Michael Myers.

For many years Lori dreams as I take his life, and the maniac doesn’t kill anyone else. Myers is in a psychiatric hospital, from which it is impossible to escape. Until recently…the Sick were transported to another medical institution and managed to escape. In the night of Halloween is in danger are all the inhabitants of Haddonfield.

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Horror Stories 2: The Ghosts Of Halloween

Horror stories 2: the Ghosts of Halloween / photos:

Genre: adventure

Director: Ari Sandel

Actors: Ken Jeong, Wendy Mclendon-Covey, Madison Iseman

On the eve of Halloween can be not only a terrible event, but quite comical. Suddenly comes to life an army and afraid of the monsters living in the pages of a well-known bestseller. Monsters are taking over the amusement Park “Horrorland”.

To free the town from evil falls normal teenagers, who do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills, but the desire to help the guys overwhelming.

Wild life

Wild life / photo:

Genre: drama

Director: Paul Dano

Actors: Jake Gyllenhal, Carrie Milligan, Bill Kemp

The adaptation of the novel by Pulitzer prize winner Richard Ford. 1960. The film is on behalf of a teenager, whose eyes falls apart his parents ‘ marriage.

Sixteen-year-old Joe watches as his mother had a lover, at that time, as the father lost his job. Jerry Osceola center for fighting forest fires, and his wife is busy with the business of the heart.


Ecstasy / photo:

Genre: drama

Director: Gaspar Noé

Actors: Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Suhail Yaqub

Farewell party of the graduates of the Academy of modern dance. No one thought that she mysteriously turns into an Orgy. Participants covers euphoria, which is difficult to resist.

Now the ball is ruled by Chaos and can only be saved if to give soul to His Majesty Dance. For some, this night will be suvore test, for others a revelation.

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Peter pan: In search of the magical book

Peter pan: In search of the magical book / photo:

Genre: animation

Director: Rajiv Chandrasekaran

The Neverland is in great danger because the Magic book has fallen into evil hands. At the end of the longest day, Captain Hook defeated in all games Pachipara decides to abuse magical powers and unleashes monsters.

Their goal is the destruction of Peter pan and his friends. Will Peter fulfill a legendary prophecy from the book? Will him save Neverland and London?

Black Kozak

Black Kozak / photo:

Genre: historical drama

Director: Vladislav Chabanyuk

Actors: Basil Seredenko, Marina Yurchak, Sergei Of Postelnikov

According to legend, the black Cossack cursed and will never see the light of the sun. A curse on him, sent the centurion, who was angry that Kozak had slept through the advance of the enemy. As a result of battle except for this one Cossack was killed. The legend known to many, and to Anna too. Her husband went off to fight, and Anna got back only his sword, a ring and some money.

Now the woman will have to raise a daughter. The girl grew up, became a beautiful woman and ready for marriage. But the girl no-one alive like, because my heart she gave up the Ghost that I saw one magic night. Young people are not destined to be together, what the outcome of the love story?

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