“Moved to the coveted th*new”: the DNR is against Putin for Russian passports

«Переехали к заветной го*ени»: в ДНР ополчились против Путина из-за российских паспортов

The inhabitants of “DNR” disappointed in Russia and Vladimir Putin because of the problems associated with obtaining Russian passports

This was reported by one of the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk Alexander Bolotin, whose story is shared in his Twitter blogger Denis Kazan. A resident of Donetsk said about the fact that many Ukrainians in the occupied territories face serious problems in obtaining passports of the Russian Federation. Because of this, people are disappointed in Russia and its President.

According to Bolotin, the main problem associated with the migration service.

“The work of the migration service discreditied like Pushilin and Putin. A lot of people want, and people do not take normally, at the time, there in the morning stand and die. This causes a huge wave of negativity that washes away all our achievements, feats and struggles. Just negate everything. Some say it is better it were not for these Russian passports, us life has been hard, but easier than it is now,” complained a former lover of the “Russian world”.

The network actively comment on new issues, with which the Pitmen faced because of Russia.

“Hurry raseyskoy get your passport and forward, to conquer the vastness of Siberia”, “in General, I think it’s good that issue passports of the Russian Federation. Though wool has moved to the coveted govani. Who needs citizens who hate their country and language”, “Well, why do I need a passport Mordor??? Why??? I perfectly feel in Donetsk with Ukrainian passport” “Sick. TV in the head instead of brain”, “Behind aspertini and Rasseyushku slurp soup with COP*Ira!”, — write users.

«Переехали к заветной го*ени»: в ДНР ополчились против Путина из-за российских паспортов «Переехали к заветной го*ени»: в ДНР ополчились против Путина из-за российских паспортов

Previously, we reported that Vladimir Zelensky is the answer to Vladimir Putin about Russian passports.

Russia, guided by “humanitarian reasons”, and seeks to return the residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine the sense of civic involvement, said Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

The Russian political scientist believes that the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass seeking to obtain Russian passports as there is “no money, no job, no prospects.” In Russia, however, actually move, except that some of them.

Recall that Europe was struck by the response to Putin’s trick with the issuance of passports.

As reported Politeka, Putin drove the army to the border, preparing an offensive.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin decided on a new aggression against Ukraine.