Mourning… Famous Ukrainian suddenly passed away. Details and photos of hero

Траур... Известный украинец внезапно ушел из жизни. Подробности и фото героя

The commander of the APU tragically died in the area of the OSS in the Donbass

So, the company commander of a 130-th separate reconnaissance battalion Sergey Sherak died Thursday, may 2. It is known that he suddenly clot.

Траур... Известный украинец внезапно ушел из жизни. Подробности и фото героя

It is reported that the body of the military was brought in Exactly to the relatives and buried in the cemetery Tynna. Associate Professor of the Department of accounting and audit, National University of water management and nature Olesya Miklukha on his page in Facebook reported that on may 3, the mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko prevented the burial of Sergei Nikolaevich in the alley of Heroes, as “reserved for military” victims.

In war you can die for various reasons. The probability to die is higher, maybe a thousand times from that in civilian life. Maybe a sniper’s bullet, bomb, Hail… the heart, the clot, anything. Sleep well, Sergey, thank you for what you have a peaceful sky over the head. Thank you, that you were there, where death falls in love with you. Not everyone can do it. Glory to the heroes!”, — she wrote.

Earlier, the soldiers of the APU showed the destruction of the position of the Russian occupation troops in the area of operations of the joint forces. Ukrainian troops inflicted a crushing blow on the enemy in the Donbas. Officer APU Anatoly Stefan (Stirlitz) shared vivid video on your YouTube channel.

“Bun in in trushky or another “strike.” Separate assault battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” continues to shoot and destroy the Russian invaders,” wrote the soldier.

Траур... Известный украинец внезапно ушел из жизни. Подробности и фото героя

Defenders of Ukraine captured on camera as shots of anti-tank guided missile blew strengthen the invaders on the hill. Apparently, the militants took refuge in the dugout among the trees. The missile landed right in the hole, leaving the enemy no chance to save. On the position of the occupiers rose a column of smoke. Finally, Anatoly Stefan urged his followers to believe in the Ukrainian soldiers.

We will remind, explosions rattle warehouses APU: in the Ministry of defense issued an urgent statement.

As reported Politeka, the invaders got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

Also Politeka wrote that APU destroyed the traitor militants left without a “Nose”, a photo of werewolf.