Motorist almost hit by a flying saucer

Автомобилист едва не сбил «летающую тарелку»

Flying saucer surf the American state of Indiana. It was ruled by a very strange character, similar to the alien…

Unusual vehicle shot by an eyewitness on 5 August on interstate 65 near the town of Jeffersonville. Obviously, before us is a kind of homemade from Amateur newcomers, watching old fashion sci-Fi films. Flying saucer is made in the style of the 60’s and has a transparent hood where you can see the driver’s head in the mask of the alien and themed stickers. Judging by the fact that the plate is very compact and slow, based on her Quad bike or mower. On the body you can see the vents, shafts and nozzles of jet engines (of course, all props).

It is possible that garage master, fashioned this UFO was traveling to some of the relevant show or gathering of researchers of extraterrestrial civilizations, but on the road such homemade products that do not meet any safety requirements, is clearly not the place, and it is possible that police Indiana will find the developer and punished.

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