Mother of Julia Nachalova turned gray with grief: first came into the light, “not to know”

Мать Юлии Началовой поседела от горя: впервые вышла в свет, "не узнать"

The PR girl and close friend of the late Russian singer Yulia Nachalova Anna Isaeva has told, what is the status of the mother star

According to Anna, she managed to persuade Taisia come to the beauty salon.

“Today made her the least bit enjoyable. Yulin master Olesya ( thank you, my dear!!! Hard you for that hug) corrected Tae completely white hair, just brushed her hair at our request, made from the soul,” she wrote.

According to Isayeva, the woman was even allowed to photograph them.

“The only thing that will never be fixed — sad, incredibly sad, afflicted, devastated, my mother’s eyes! Ty never wanted to go anywhere. But we somehow barely talked. Taechka beauty”, she added.

Мать Юлии Началовой поседела от горя: впервые вышла в свет, "не узнать"

Followers of Anna supported her desire a little bit to support a grieving mother.

“You fellows that talked!!Beautiful beautiful young woman!!”, “Often reviewing a video where Taisa takes the stage to Julia….to tears(((((“, “mother’s eyes are sad. painful to watch, just now saw Julia look like your mom, my eyes just…”, “God Forbid Yulin parents health, strength and long life”, “Health of the mother. Let her granddaughter happy with their victories. Faith is the most glorious gift that was left of Julia,” the commentators write.

Singer Julia Nachalova died in Moscow on March 16, 2019. Julia was 38 years old. Nachalovo left 12-year-old daughter. The reason for the death of Julia Nachalova become sepsis (blood poisoning), and congestive heart failure.

Мать Юлии Началовой поседела от горя: впервые вышла в свет, "не узнать"

Since admission of the singer in Moscow March 11 in only five days. Julia went to the doctors for inflamed rubbed sore legs, which she tried to treat themselves. Condition suddenly and dramatically deteriorated: Nachalova plunged into a medically induced coma and hooked up to a lung.

Due to the outbreak of gangrene of the leg required emergency surgery (it was about amputation). Julia suffered with gout, complicated by diabetes and other diseases — while ensuring daughter and parents, Nachalova was very active on stage.

Julia was married twice — with musician Dmitry Lansky and footballer Jevgenijs Aldonina (daughter, born in marriage with him), was in a relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov.

But the main in her life was music. Father and mother Julia — the musicians, she began singing at the age of two. Fame Nachalovo brought victory in the contest “Morning star”. Musical career Julia married to television and film.

We will remind, the daughter of Yulia Nachalova first came to light after the death of his mother.

As reported Politeka, ex-husband of Julia Nachalova won a lawsuit against the late singer.

Politeka also wrote that the former husband of Nachalovo candidly admitted after the death of the singer.