Mother brutally killed her own daughters: “interfere with work”, goosebumps details

Мать жестоко убила собственных дочерей: "мешали работать", мурашки по коже от деталей

The mother decided to kill children because they interfered with her work

This writes the British edition Daily Mail

It is noted that the tragedy happened in Britain.

Мать жестоко убила собственных дочерей: "мешали работать", мурашки по коже от деталей

In particular, the court of Birmingham was found guilty of 23-year-old Louise in the deliberate murder of their own daughters. With a difference of 18 days the girl first strangled three year old lexi Draper, and later Scarlett Won, which was only six months.

The mother was trying to convince doctors that her daughter died from natural causes. During the conversation, 23-year-old Louise showed no more emotion than a man “with a dead goldfish out of the aquarium”. The woman decided to kill their children because they interfered with her prostitution, which bring the main income.

Some time before the massacre Louise hammered in the search line the following queries: “can you really die if you have a stuffy nose, and the mouth sealed with tape”, “over what period of time after the drowning to revive the man.” In addition, as claimed by the police officers during the court session, the woman before the murder read the article “the Child brought back to life after he almost drowned”

Мать жестоко убила собственных дочерей: "мешали работать", мурашки по коже от деталей

Previously, we reported that the man shot ex-wife with children in the capital. The incident happened on the evening of 1 August. According to local media, which quoted the police, the man dealt with the family members of his ex-wife and fled the scene of the crime, not sparing even children.

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