Mother and daughter decided to incredible to be like your favorite celebrity: photos

Мать и дочь решились на невероятное, чтобы стать похожей на любимую знаменитость: фото

The thirst for mothers and daughters to become like your favourite star has crossed the line of reasonable

38-year-old Georgina Clark maintains his 20-year-old daughter Kayla in the quest to become a copy of Katie Price, a British child star. Together they completely copy his idol — women have made them surgery breast augmentation and lips, reports Clutch.

While all transformation cost for the sum of 56 thousand pounds (about 2 300 000 UAH). For this daughter even got a job in a strip club.

Мать и дочь решились на невероятное, чтобы стать похожей на любимую знаменитость: фото

Now Kayla and her mother has changed a lot, and Georgina Clark said that he was proud of the reincarnation of his daughter. And that’s what she wants to see his daughter and, indeed, myself too.

“I was lucky that I had a daughter like Kayla, because she pays for my surgery. Along with it we’re living the dream,” says Georgina.

Georgina has four children, but only Kyle was fascinated by this dramatic change of appearance. At age 18 she decided to enlarge the Breasts, and the mother supported her. They soon became interested in plasticity, permanent makeup, hair extensions. Together they plan to make plastic buttocks and even the design of the vagina — that everything was exactly as Katie Price.

Note, lust for youth, pushing many women to drastic changes in appearance, after which recognize in the new face of their idol becomes impossible

Мать и дочь решились на невероятное, чтобы стать похожей на любимую знаменитость: фото

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