Most likely five myths about the body, which are believed even by scientists

Пять правдоподобных мифов об организме, в которые верили даже ученые

This has been said not only doctors, but also scientists, so it’s hard to believe it was only a myth

Many people do not even think that some of their knowledge about the world, or perhaps of the body are myths that were imposed on them by the media, pharmaceutical companies or other sources. So dispel a few myths about health and the human body, can give ground for reflection to any person.

Classical music has an impact on the development of intelligence

Пять правдоподобных мифов об организме, в которые верили даже ученые

For the first time this myth has appeared in all media, after one teacher had experience of the students. During the execution of the job on a maze, he put them to the music of Mozart.

Students completed the task much faster, so the conclusion was made about the beneficial effects of classical music on brain activity. After 2003, was conducted research of this phenomenon, but after the analysis of the real impact of music on the mind have been identified.

Each person has a unique set of fingerprints

Analysis and comparison of fingerprints is one of the main tools in forensic science. But still it is not perfect. Every year fixed about 100 cases worldwide, when this method fails. And when you consider that blood relatives can have the identical papillary drawings, this method is sometimes questioned.

To support the body in the form of a need to eat often but in small portions

Such advice can be heard from a large number of nutritionists and doctors. But the real evidence of the effectiveness of eating more frequently does not exist. According to the latest data, due to frequent snacking, a person may be insulin resistance.

People with absolute sight there is no need to visit the optometrist

To ignore the visit of such an important doctor like an ophthalmologist can lead to vision loss, especially in people older than 30 years. Such a complex and dangerous diseases such as glaucoma, can be prevented in the early stages and not to bring the human condition to total blindness. The destruction of the optic nerve is gradually and painlessly, it is difficult to identify any deviations without examination from a specialist.

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Пять правдоподобных мифов об организме, в которые верили даже ученые

The Appendix is a useless part of the body

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