Most importantly for the night: the mystery of the inauguration Zelensky, new passion of Putin and explosion at a military base

Главное за ночь: тайна инаугурации Зеленского, новая пассия Путина и взрыв на военной базе

Know the date of the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky, on the border with Russia, a massive explosion, and Vladimir Putin has shown unprecedented generosity — to Your attention digest main events for the last night

The inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky must be held within 30 days after the announcement of the election results, but the final date of the ceremony is not known yet even in the headquarters of the newly elected President.

On the date of the ceremony is now arguing in Parliament. And members can understand that the newly elected President may dissolve the Parliament, as soon as I take office. But to do this he will be able only up to a certain date. Therefore, the staff Zelensky and talk about what’s going on the deliberate delaying of the timing of the entry of the newly elected President in power. First CEC for a long time has not announced the final results of the elections, and now Parliament can not determine the date of the inauguration.

Главное за ночь: тайна инаугурации Зеленского, новая пассия Путина и взрыв на военной базе

Team Zelensky announce that the inauguration ceremony will be unlike anything that been done before in Ukraine. In addition to classic ceremony in the Parliament building, the Ukrainians see the show. Special “chips” for the ceremony prepares the writer of the series “servant of the people” Yuriy Kostyuk.

In the team of the newly elected President think that the inauguration Zelensky will be held may 30, Thursday. However, perhaps it will be delayed and at a later date – 1 or 2 June. Although the Parliament called for other possible dates for the swearing in of the new President – 27 or may 28.

It became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian actress Tatyana Vasileva has received a truly “Royal” gift. Namely, diamond earrings, which cost one million rubles.

Elegant gift told a colleague at the scene Vasilyeva and Stanislav Sadalsky. According to him, Putin, to “personally attach the piece (the order — ed.) on the chest popular actress” gave her a piece of jewelry – “expensive diamond earrings with cameo and pearls”.

Главное за ночь: тайна инаугурации Зеленского, новая пассия Путина и взрыв на военной базе

“When I called on the phone and wanted to know how I’d feel, having received an award from the President, I at first thought it was a wrong number — and Then decided that messing with me…” – the words Vasilyeva Instagram Sadalsky.

Vasiliev still don’t understand why it’s such an honor from the head of the Russian Federation. “I was sure that last time is fell out of the holder receiving awards, prizes and titles. I merely play in the performances every night! Jubilee (70 years – ed.) had more than a year ago,” said the actress.

A powerful bomb exploded at a NATO base near Russia’s borders.

The deadly incident occurred Monday, may 6, in Latvia.

It is known that in an accident at a military base of NATO, an explosion occurred. His victim was a 32-year-old army officer of Albania Zarif of Hasani.

Главное за ночь: тайна инаугурации Зеленского, новая пассия Путина и взрыв на военной базе

“While working with explosives at a NATO base Camp Adazi in Latvia had an accident, which killed a female officer of the Albanian army, and two officers were injured. The incident occurred during a training mission,” — said the defense Ministry.

Two of the victims were rushed to the hospital. Details about their condition were not disclosed.

Became known why a passenger plane Sukhoi Superjet 100 crashed in the Russian Sheremetyevo airport.

It is noted that the result in Russia have identified the main cause of a fiery crash in which at least 41 people died.

Investigators, in particular, believe that the actions of the pilots could cause a plane crash at Sheremetyevo. It is known that they do not develop the fuel and with obvious excess of speed, landed at the airport that resulted in damage to the passenger liner with the subsequent fire.

Главное за ночь: тайна инаугурации Зеленского, новая пассия Путина и взрыв на военной базе

At the same time the investigators deal with the actions of ground services. They may not promptly responded to a fire emergency, because of which killed many people.

There is also information that the experts of the Interstate viacomit already have begun to decipher the parametrical and speech recorders of the plane burned. About the causes of the tragedy will speak after the detailed analysis of surviving on the information devices.


Recall that Zelensky has revealed details of a meeting with the chief rabbis of Ukraine.

As reported Politeka, a well-known journalist revealed plans Zelensky.

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