Most importantly for the night: a military triumph Zelensky, hell on the front and the return of Yanukovych

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Zelensky win in the Donbass, unique strategy ready: “in one year”

President Vladimir Zelensky has several plans in the occupied Donbass. This was written by the journalist Viktor Tregubov.

As you know, yesterday, 9 October, President Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting with veterans of the ATO-OOS, in which they discussed a “formula Steinmeier” and possible actions of Ukraine for the de-occupation of Donbass.

According to the journalist, Vladimir Zelensky said at the meeting that he intended to “solve the problem” in the occupied by Russian troops in the Donbass in one year.

In that case, if he fails to reach an acceptable agreement with the Russian Federation for one year, he intends on the border with the occupied territories to “build a wall”.

“I realized that, as a return to the current status quo with the isolation of the occupied territories. In General, it is certain that at any moment can come off and return to this state (but I don’t). The variant he considers as negative, so for reintegration,” – said Tregubov.

Главное за ночь: военный триумф Зеленского, ад на передовой и возвращение Януковича

The merger of Belarus and Russia, revealed the evil plan of Putin: “sanctions are lifted”

Vladimir Putin considers Belarus as a bargaining chip

According to experts, Oleg Zhdanov, Vladimir Putin does not exclude the possibility that it may stagger to a chair, so he sees Belarus as a part of the Union state, which will allow him to remain in power

“Belarus can not exist independently from the Russian Federation. I think that Vladimir Putin is deliberately and methodically strengthens these relationships…” — no doubt a military expert

Zhdanov convinced that Vladimir Putin thanks to the creation of the Union state can remain “in charge” and after the end of the current presidential term, because he will have to change again the Constitution in order to stay in the Kremlin

After you create the Union state with Belarus as such, Russia will no longer, therefore, the sanctions imposed against Moscow over its aggression against Ukraine and occupation of Crimea can be reversed.

The dollar is suddenly hiding: what to expect of the Ukrainians, the exchange rate of the NBU

Exchange rates in Ukraine for Thursday, October 10, 2019: the dollar remained unchanged, the Euro fell

The national Bank of Ukraine has established a dollar exchange rate in the country today:

$ 100 — UAH 2470,1001;

EUR 100 — UAH 2712,4169;

10 rubles — UAH 3,7945.

The national Bank kept the dollar on the same level. The European currency fell by 2 pennies. The Russian ruble fell by 1 penny.

Главное за ночь: военный триумф Зеленского, ад на передовой и возвращение Януковича

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Militants staged APU the hell out of artillery: the details of the fatal night

The Russian terrorist “L/DNR” again trying to disrupt the breeding of the forces shelling the corresponding parts of the front

So, for the last days fighters, controlled by Moscow, 24 times violated the ceasefire.

How to tell military APU occupying forces “L/DNR” beat on our positions is prohibited by the Minsk agreements, artillery systems of caliber 122 mm, 120-mm mortars and 82 mm grenade launchers of various systems and small arms.

It is also reported that yesterday, the terrorists deliberately fired at the breeding site of forces and means in the district of the village of gold from 82-mm mortar.

Sorry, but no casualties for the Ukrainian army the last days have not passed. As a result of shelling by Russian forces “L/DNI” one soldier APU injured.

Главное за ночь: военный триумф Зеленского, ад на передовой и возвращение Януковича

“Yanukovych’s return to Kiev,” the Kremlin has issued a controversial plan to seize Ukraine

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has issued new plans for the “liberation” of Ukraine. One of the key roles they played fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

Controversial Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky decided the original way to get rid of Yanukovych. Zhirinovsky proposes the former head of the Ukrainian state sent home on a tank.

“In Ukraine, we repeat the mistakes of Afghanistan”, – said Zhirinovsky. In his opinion, the Soviet Union sent troops to the Eastern countries and “stuck there.” According to Russian policy, the end result of this is negative.

Zhirinovsky believes that Russia is in Ukraine repeats the same mistakes. He believes “the return” of the Crimea is correct, but, in his opinion, ought to bring everything to the end.

“I would the whole of Ukraine was liberated. Yanukovych on the tank would be planted and drove to Kiev. And in the liberated capital, he announced on the reunification of Ukraine with Russia”, – gave their ideas Zhirinovsky.

Recall that Putin suddenly pounced on their promoters over Ukraine, started a commotion.

As reported Politeka, Putin attacked a journalist on the sidelines, the video has hit the net.

Also Politeka wrote that he died of an influential Putin ally