Most importantly for night: a secret plan Zelensky in Donbass and the mysterious death of the famous Ukrainian

Главное за ночь: секретный план Зеленского по Донбассу и таинственная гибель известного украинца

Brutal militants attacked the Ukrainian soldiers, APU believe loss: what’s going on in the Donbass

The militants fired at positions of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbas, thus violating the ceasefire.

This is stated in the traditional morning summary of the press center of headquarters of OOS in Facebook.

It is reported that over the past day armed forces of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries 32 times violated the ceasefire. The enemy shelled positions of the divisions of integrated forces of the Minsk agreements prohibited mortars caliber 82 mm, APCS, grenades of different systems and small arms.

In addition, violation of the Minsk agreement, the enemy opened fire from automatic grenade launcher on the ground, in breeding and in the village of Bogdanovka. During this attack injured one soldier of the United forces.

As a result of enemy shelling, one soldier from the joint forces was killed and two soldiers received injuries of varying severity.

Главное за ночь: секретный план Зеленского по Донбассу и таинственная гибель известного украинца

The body of a famous Ukrainian found in the hotel room, mourning the whole country: the details of the tragedy

Famous Ukrainian died under mysterious circumstances – the man was not only an artist, but has been active in volunteer activities.

Was not Sergey Ostapovsky — he founded the lab volunteer — Volunteer Optical Laboratory, the organization was engaged in repair of equipment for the military. Within the capital Sergey ostapovsky was known primarily as a talented photographer. The author went on 47 year of life under strange circumstances. How to write the domestic media, the body of the photographer was discovered in the hotel in Kamenetz-Podolsk there was held a festival of Ukranian Photo Camp. On 6 October he would have celebrated 47 years:

“In the morning he, along with colleague Vera Usychenko in the press center of city Council presented a festival under the auspices of the public organization “Art platform” Activity. During a briefing Sergey ostapovsky was terse… After the briefing, he walked upstairs to his room and shut the door,” told police officers at the scene of the tragedy.

The network was a rumor, like the photographer committed suicide, many people simply refuse to believe what happened.

Главное за ночь: секретный план Зеленского по Донбассу и таинственная гибель известного украинца

“Mixed up with Putin,” Lukashenko harshly to embarrass the meeting with Zelensky, the details

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with Vladimir Zelensky in Zhytomyr made a reservation.

He said, “regions of Russia” instead of “regions of Ukraine” that is immediately noticed Zelensky and correct it.

“Ukraine” — corrected Lukshenko Zelensky.

“I’m scared. I think I do, Mr Putin said,” — Lukashenka responded.

“Thank God, no,” he said Zelensky.

Note that Zelensky in his speech hinted that the Belarusians are closer to Ukrainians than to Russians.

“I was just thinking to whom… I’m in no case do not want anyone to share… are closer to the Belarusians, the Russians, or the Ukrainians? Know why this idea came? I’ll tell you. I understand the answer to this question. The answer is in the names of honored guests from Belarus,” he stressed.

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Главное за ночь: секретный план Зеленского по Донбассу и таинственная гибель известного украинца

A powerful explosion occurred in the center of Kiev, there was a video: all in the blood, “many troubles done”

In one of the districts of Kiev, a massive explosion, which seriously injured the man.

The relevant footage was posted on YouTube.

“The explosion in the center of the capital. On Lukyanovka. The police say that the perpetrator was a former husband of the daughter of the owner of the apartment. He climbed into the room through the balcony and tried to undermine or herself, or the room”, — stated in the message.

The blast blew out Windows in the apartment, and the perpetrator was hospitalized with serious wounds and loss of blood.

“Through the balcony he was trying to pop up, as I understand it. Many troubles have done,” said the landlord.

Главное за ночь: секретный план Зеленского по Донбассу и таинственная гибель известного украинца

Zelensky have prepared a secret plan, Putin will not leave a choice: “replacement formula Steinmeier”

The team of President Vladimir Zelensky suggested a formula to end the war in the Donbass.

This statement was made by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko. The plan can be replaced by a so-called “formula Steinmeier,” which caused a public outcry in Ukraine, said the foreign Minister on a talk show Freedom of speech Savik Shuster on October 4.

“It is necessary to have Ukrainian formula of the world. Formula world is the de – occupation and the return of peaceful life to the citizens … I believe our formula of peace should be supported inside the country,” he said.

The Minister stressed that other, so-called foreign formula to resolve the conflict with Russia could lead to surrender.

We will remind, Zelensky and Lukashenko had a blast at the audience, the hall gasped.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky have serious problems approaching the first split of the “public Servants”.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrei Palchevsky sharply turned to Zelensky and gave invaluable advice.