Mosquitoes in a coma! Doctors urgently performed operation, there is a struggle for life. Predictions scare…

Комаров в коме! Врачи срочно сделали операцию, идет борьба за жизнь. Прогнозы пугают...

The doctors ‘ prognosis after operating a famous journalist disappointing

Vadim Komarov, who was beaten to death is unknown in the heart of the native city on may 4, is now in a coma. According to the Secretary of Necause of journalists of Ukraine Valeriya Makeeva, funds are required to maintain the life of Vadim Komarov during his stay in a coma, informs MIGnews.

“The operation lasted about two hours. The doctors give disappointing forecasts,” he says.

It is also reported that support life in Vadim komariv in a state of “coma,” will last at least a month, as long as you need to Vadim was able to survive.

“We are talking about the long struggle Vadim Komarov for life,” he said.

The national Union of journalists has announced the collection of funds for the treatment of Vadim Komarov.


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