Mosquito first showed brother and sister: “that’s a family!”

Комаров впервые показал родных брата и сестру: "Вот это семейка!"

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Dmytro Komarov showed his family — brother and sister

Photo he published on Instagram.

With his parents, brother Nicholas and sister angelina, Dmitry Komarov went on a trip to Paris.

“This photo near the symbol of love we want to share our love. For the first time the three of us in the world a heart of love and travel – near the Eiffel tower in Paris. In such moments, you realize how great it is to have a large family. Brothers and sisters, as adults, have become best friends. We did it that way. And even though everyone already has their own family and significant others and we see each other less frequently, but are becoming more friendly,” wrote Dmitry.

Комаров впервые показал родных брата и сестру: "Вот это семейка!"

Комаров впервые показал родных брата и сестру: "Вот это семейка!"

As you know, not so long ago, 21-year-old TV presenter, model and “Miss Ukraine 2016” Alexander Kucherenko became the wife of the popular Ukrainian TV presenter Dmitry Komarov. The other day in your account in Instagram Alexander Kucherenko has published a very attractive photo.

So black and white shot of the model looking to the side and emblazoned in a stylish blouse and trousers:

“Everyone has a dream… You also like to keep all conceived in the heart and not to tell ahead of time? Or making a dream Board and write a list of dreams in Notepad?”, — signed the girl.

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Fans of the pair began to admire the beauty of Alexandra Kucherenko, and shared, the answers to her questions, reflections.

Комаров впервые показал родных брата и сестру: "Вот это семейка!"

Recently the wife of a leading Alexander also admitted that loves spontaneous road trip and fully trusts her husband in recreation.

“We never miss and always actively spend time together. Therefore, I do not doubt that, as we celebrate the birthday of Dima, of Course, to travel! We decided in 10 minutes and Immediately bought tickets. I love the style of spontaneous trips! When you can safely to trust the adventure of Dima and go to meet unexpected adventure. Love one another and to the traveling Makes our life together is bright and full of unforgettable emotions,” admitted Alexander.

We will remind that Dmitry Komarov revealed the truth about the scandal with the shooting in Brazil.

As reported Politeka, Dmitry Komarov was shot in Brazil.

Also Politeka wrote that Dmitry Komarov lost in the expedition.