More than fifty national guardsmen beat the “mysterious illness”: the first details of the emergency

Более полусотни нацгвардейцев одолела «таинственная болезнь»: первые подробности ЧП

Doctors are trying to determine the product that was put in the infectious diseases Department almost a company of soldiers

A mass poisoning occurred in Lviv. There have suffered 57 members of the National guard, writes TSN.

The soldiers felt a sharp discomfort immediately after Easter. Conscripts and contract immediately hospitalized in a military hospital. All patients had typical symptoms of food poisoning.

Более полусотни нацгвардейцев одолела «таинственная болезнь»: первые подробности ЧП

National guardsmen took food not only in the dining room on the territory of their parts. A ate the food they brought for the holiday relatives.

“In part my parents visited there and the cakes and sausage and everything was,” he told reporters infectious disease physician of the military hospital of the national guard Michael Wengren.

According to him, it was not possible to find out the cause of the mass poisoning of soldiers. We might have a lead laboratory report, which will appear in days.

Doctors say that the condition of patients is satisfactory.

The military Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings on the fact of negligent attitude to military service.

As previously reported, the Cherkasy dozens of children were poisoned by an unknown substance at school. About the emergency press service of the Ministry of health. As it became known, unknown substance poisoned the 75 students. 38 of them were taken to the regional children’s hospital. It also reported that 37 people had received assistance as outpatients.

Более полусотни нацгвардейцев одолела «таинственная болезнь»: первые подробности ЧП

“The condition of the 23 children admitted to hospital by doctors as a light, the remaining 15 students are in condition of medium gravity”, — told in the Ministry of health.

As it became known, a mass poisoning occurred in the spraying of several gas cylinders in the cloakroom.

“The children started coughing, they began to tear the eyes, tickle in the throat,” — said the Deputy mayor of Cherkasy Igor Voloshin.

In his words, spray paint, sprayed the children themselves. They summoned the police.

To a scene there arrived the appropriate services. The school continued the educational process.

We will remind, the mass poisoning of children in Khmelnytskyi: “milk” was put on hospital bed.

As reported Politeka in kindergarten in the Kharkiv region recorded mass poisoning: named for the number of victims.

Also Politeka wrote that the mass poisoning occurred near the city: had to be hospitalized.