More than 5,000 visitors to Festifolies in Armandie

raoul-duguay-rejoint-gregory-charles(Montreal) The director of Festifolies in Armandie, Francois Marcotte, the event was a success down the line, a little welcoming more visitors than at the last edition.

“It has been wonderful, the temperature was on our side, says Marcotte. We had over 5,000 people, I am very happy. ”

The show Gregory Charles was one of the most anticipated moments of the Festifolies, which ranged from Friday to Sunday. And the artist did not disappoint.

During a performance of just under two hours for improvised mostly one-man band was very generous with the public.

“It was amazing. He made a game with the audience, where he asked for dates and he sang the most memorable songs of that year. It is a true musical encyclopedia “, told Francois Marcotte

Gregory Charles, which occurred in Saint-Armand church was entitled to a full house, more than 325 people.

“A defining moment was undoubtedly when a spectator asked him to sing La bitt à Tibi. .. While Raoul Duguay was in the first row, explains the CEO. Well, it ended they sang it together! ”

Other activites
“The rest of the program has also had an interesting success, I’m delighted,” said François Marcotte.

More than 500 people attended the dragon boat races at the dock in Philipsburg. “One hundred and seventy rowers from the region participated. It was a sequel and it was well received, “said the CEO.

A workshop expected, the Quai words, who received Kim Thuy, Christian Guay-Poliquin, Raôul Duguay, Véronique Grenier, William S. Luce Messier and Fontaine as guests, was a success, according to the organizer.

The success of this year already sets the stage for a fourth edition next year, confirms Francois Marcotte.

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