Moore appealed to Zelensky with the requirement to stop the conflict in the East

Мураев обратился к Зеленскому с требованием остановить конфликт на востоке

“The war must be over, and it’s up to you” — with these words addressed by the MP, the party leader “Our” Eugene Moore to Vladimir Zelensky

According to the politician, the new President should listen to all sides of the conflict and to initiate direct negotiations, writes

“Only direct negotiations will lead to a long — awaited result, said Moore in his video. According to him, negotiations with Russia have ambassadors and career diplomats, not businessmen and godfathers. “You can and should talk with Donbass, with our citizens, with all parties to the conflict”, — said the leader of “NASHI”.

At the same time, he noted that while the position of the newly elected President on resolution of the conflict in the East is an exact carbon copy of that offered to Poroshenko during the last five years, and it means the continuation of the war, while the people who voted for Zelensky, believe in him, hope for change and believe that “dark times left behind.”

“Remember, it is much easier to extinguish the light inside than to dispel the darkness around. Like in the story? Proceed,” said Moore.