Montreal advantage, according to our experts

personnellement-weber-demeure-mes(Sherbrooke) All are unanimous. The Montreal Canadiens had the advantage over the Nashville Predators in the transaction involving Shea Weber and PK Subban.

At least that is the opinion Stephane Robidas, Clement Jodoin and Jocelyn Thibault, three local personalities that revolve around the hockey world.

“Personally, Weber remains one of my favorite players, said Robidas, defenseman for the Maple Leafs. It is so complete. The enemy hates the face. This is a super nice guy and more. To have rubbed-Star Game, and from what I’ve heard from other players, Shea is a very good person. He is down-to-earth, but the transaction must be quite a shock for him. He has played in Nashville. ”

“The Canadian may be losing a spectacular player, but Marc Bergevin conducted a transaction, added Robidas shortly before the presentation of the Match of Champions held Wednesday as part of the Classique Pif. PK is a spectacular player. I will take away nothing, quite the contrary. But if you give me the choice between him and Weber, I will choose Weber. When it launches, the world is afraid. He is right-handed, left-handed Andrei Markov. It will make beautiful shots on reception during the power play! ”

“Shea Weber and PK Subban have two completely different styles, says Clement Jodoin, an assistant coach with the CH. Both teams are filling a need. Nobody saw it coming this transaction. No one had mentioned the name of Shea Weber. Marc Bergevin has hidden his game. Subban is an amazing player. Montreal loved him, but the Canadian think to improve through this transaction. ”

“It makes you wonder if the transaction between Montreal and Edmonton was not about to be concluded before the entry draft since Taylor Hall was also traded, for its part considers the David Perron professional player. Some events occurred and the exchange may have failed, which led to the deal with Nashville. I honestly have no idea what really happened, but all I know is that Shea Weber is a hockey player. It’s difficult to play against him. I have faced in the playoffs. It is good around the net. It is robust and helps her guardian by packing the guys in front of goal. His shot is also devastating. ”

Perron also considers that the loss of Subban is important to the supporters:

“PK gives a good show, but is best able to support his words by playing well on the ice. The transaction will probably be very good for him. I can not wait to see it go to Nashville. ”

Stephane Robidas however reassures fans Habs:

“If I was a Habs fan, I’d be excited! I know some people have their grieving Subban to do, but Weber is dominant. ”

“It is in effect as major transaction, noted for its general manager of the Sherbrooke Phoenix, Jocelyn Thibault. I like Shea Weber and I think he will bring a lot of stability to the Canadian. The transaction, however, I do not understand is that between the Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils, involving Taylor Hall and Adam Larsson. That one, I did not see it coming. New Jersey has done all at once. ”

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