Montenegro will take place on laziness

В Черногории состоятся соревнования по лени

The sixth competition in laziness will take place in Montenegro this Saturday, August 18.

Participants lie down in the shade on blankets and lie without getting up as long as possible. Eating, drinking and talking are allowed, – the KNIFE.

“In 2017 was first surpassed the record mark of the Season in Podgorica in 37 hours, which lasted three years, then from two participants and one participant set a new record in 47 hours lazy lying,” — said in a note.

In 2015, the victory was first won by the foreigner — a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Brezna village in the North-West of the country took its first competition in 2012. The motto of the tournament was the Montenegrin proverb “Be bread without hoes”.

All participants will receive free food and drinks, and those who live 100 km from the village, will provide transport and accommodation. The winner will receive € 800 — half money, half gifts.

The next day, August 19, the village will host the championship on “waiting in queue at the counter”.

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