Mont-Joli Airport ready to welcome new carriers

With a newly extended runway that can accommodate large planes, the president of the Régie intermunicipal at Mont-Joli airport wants new carriers. Competition could have the effect of offering much cheaper rates and thereby increasing the volume of users. “We saw it in other regions,” says Chantale Lavoie.

Although the Mont-Joli airport already hosts Air Canada, Pascan Aviation, PAL Airlines and Sunwing, Ms. Lavoie is not closing the door on other carriers. “We have talks, but I do not know what it will give in the concrete,” she says. The lengthening of the track allows developments in this direction. There could also be other carriers to the South. With this extension, there is a possibility for us to open. “

According to our sources, WestJet has already expressed interest in serving Eastern Quebec. “We do not have talks with them,” says Ms. Lavoie, who is also the prefect of Matapedia. “But, for sure, if they want to come, we’ll sit down with them and we’ll talk.”

The president of the managing body of the Mont-Joli airport recalls that the recent Summit on regional air transport mainly focused on the price of tickets considered exorbitant in the regions. Chantale Lavoie believes that competition could have downward consequences on rates. “We see it with Sunwing,” she adds. “Whether you leave Mont-Joli, Quebec City or Montreal, they are the same prices.” Moreover, it costs the same fare to book a flight from Mont-Joli to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with Sunwing a flight from Mont-Joli to Montreal with Air Canada.

The minister responsible for the Bas-Saint-Laurent is moving in the same direction. “There is a shift we want to take in Quebec; we must invest in our infrastructure, in our airports, in the supply side of the air transport, launches Jean D’Amour. We want more carriers to move at lower costs than we currently know. It has been said, as a government: it has no pace! Competition is healthy. Who will benefit? It’s the consumer. ”

The president of the Régie intermunicipal at the regional airport of Mont-Joli was perplexed by the summit on regional air transportation, which was held February 2 in Lévis. It expresses some caution with regard to the measures that have been announced. How big will their deployment be? What will be the financing? What will be the criteria? These are all questions Ms. Lavoie did not get answered. “In a summit, everyone is a little” crinqué “, she believes. I give the government the chance to impress us. I keep a reserve on that level. ”

On the other hand, the Prefect greatly appreciated the recognition Quebec City has given to regional airports as development tools. “It’s been a long time since we claimed that, but it was never clearly announced, she recalls. There, even the Prime Minister said it. ”



Runway 06-24 at Mont-Joli Airport, which was recently extended to 1829 meters (6000 feet) and raised 1.5 meters (5 feet), was officially inaugurated Monday morning, in the presence of several dignitaries .

Begun last fall, the lengthening work cost more than $ 3 million, of which $ 1.5 million came from Canada Economic Development, $ 950,000 from the Quebec Ministry of Transport and $ 668,700 from the Intermunicipal Board of Quebec. Mont-Joli airport.

Since October, the number of flights has increased by 30% and forecasts for 2018 are similar. Mont-Joli Airport receives more than 60,000 passengers a year.

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