Mont Gleason: $ 1.1M for its restaurant and bar future

directrice-generale-station-ski-mont(Tingwick) The ski resort of Mount Gleason continues to develop. It announced on Monday morning, investments of $ 1.1 million to revise its food court, in addition to building a bar section and a terrace.

“We have invested a lot to improve our infrastructure in recent years, but we had not touched our food court for over 20 years. Our clientele has quadrupled since, “says the executive director of the nonprofit organization, Nadia Pépin.

This investment will allow the construction of an extension of 120 square meters (1300 square feet) on two floors, in addition to the redevelopment of the main lodge. The food court will become more fluid and will have a personalized pasta counter, as well as a more effective self-service area.

Designed in a unique decor by Diane Létourneau, the bar will be in a semi-enclosed space. It is desired that it becomes the perfect place to meet for apres ski. The amendments also allow the addition of 114 lockers day in the basement, which had become a necessity.

The project was funded largely by money from annual revenues of the organization. Laurent Lemaire added, however, his personal touch, a sum of $ 350,000 in order to balance the budget. “The sub were lacking. As I was not sure that the planned changes would bring, I decided to put some money forward, “he humbly says.

Projects for $ 7 million

After investing more than $ 5 million since 2007, the ski resort now has plans for another $ 7 million and would they be achieved by 2021. We glimpse background including renovate fills the rental shop equipment and increase the capacity of the main chalet, both in terms of number of bins as seating positions.

“We brainstorm and we have established a list of projects worth approximately $ 7 million to always improve service to our members,” suggests President Gleason, Mylene Laroche.

Nadia Pépin believes that it is its particular business model that allows the Mount tingwickois to move forward while others must manage the decay or are struggling with economic difficulties.

“We rely on strong partners, as well as a solid base of members. When the temperature is less beautiful and we will open one lift, we are also less worried that Mount with seven sides, “she suggests.

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