“Monster defeated”: the Metropolitan Sewerage found the 130-ton creature, there was a photo

"Чудовище побеждено": в столичной канализации нашли 130-тонное существо, появилось фото

Metropolitan Sewerage was blocked because of great monsters that it had removed almost two months

The fat lump was a long 250 meters and weighs 130 tons. She blocked drains in East London. Managed to get it in two months, say regional authorities.

Giant Gerberg (from the words “fat” and “iceberg”) — a solid mass of solidified grease, wet wipes, diapers, oils and condoms — was discovered in a sewer tunnel of the Victorian era in Whitechapel in September.

"Чудовище побеждено": в столичной канализации нашли 130-тонное существо, появилось фото

Vacuum trucks of a local company that is responsible for the entire sewer pipe under the streets of the village, spent more than two months, 9 weeks to get rid of this huge monster that inflicted large-scale damage to the city. To penetrate into the sewer rather difficult, to remove large Gerberg, even more difficult.

Has removed Gerberg eight people. The final part of the work they had to perform using the shovels. The Manager of a local company said that “the monster is finally defeated,” and called the work on this most disgusting that I had to do.

8 people for several months worked to destroy it. The cause of gerberga bad habits of local residents, namely two habits.

"Чудовище побеждено": в столичной канализации нашли 130-тонное существо, появилось фото

First, the habit of frying food in oil or fat, and then merge this unnecessary, but still hot and liquid fat mass in sink in the kitchen. Mass, which then somewhere, in the depths of the water safely freezes, ecumenial and clog all the pipes.

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And secondly, the habit to throw the toilet such strange items as wet wipes, tampons and tights.

It all gets stuck in the sewer. Then to come to the shore of new fat and creates the effect of a coral reef that grows higher and higher, wider and wider.

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