Monique Leroux impressed with his speech at the UN

quelques-heures-journee-internationale-cooperatives(Quebec) The new president of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), Monique F. Leroux, hit the nail on Wednesday noon to many ambassadors and representatives of various countries at the United Nations (UN) in New York. She said that cooperatives were able to realize the concerns of the organization for sustainable development.

A few hours of the International Day of Cooperatives declared by the UN on 2 July, it announced the creation of a platform that will be aired in social networks this weekend. 2030 platform will highlight the contribution of cooperatives to the objectives of the Sustainable Development Program for 2030 of the UN.

“The representatives of the countries invited ambassadors and people FAO [United Nations Food and Agriculture] enjoyed enormously ICA commitments to mobilize its troops around sustainable development. We are the first international organization to make this clear commitment, “expressed Ms. Leroux in a telephone interview late in the day.

It has targeted action to be taken of food safety side, the creation of sustainable employment, access to health care and services to individuals, to poverty alleviation through access to financial services . Not to show participation in efforts to tackle climate change through the use of renewable energy.

Ability to act

His speech in the presence of Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, and Marc-André Blanchard, Canada’s new ambassador to the UN has demonstrated the capacity to act of cooperatives. Ms. Leroux was echoing the theme of the International Summit of Co-ops to be held in Quebec in October.

She was assured that she could present the final resolutions of the Third Summit of Cooperatives at the UN later this fall. “We can make formal commitments made by the 3000 participants,” she says.

The comments received following his meetings show that ACI’s position had a significant influence. “We had a convergence of Quebecers and Canadians on hand to talk about cooperatives. The Ambassador of Germany wanted even more inviting us back to talk about the history of the cooperative movement in Canada, “says Ms. Leroux, who took the time to tell the ambassador history of Alphonse Desjardins.

During the day, Ms. Leroux also recorded the message of launching the International Day of Cooperatives to be aired in a hundred countries where it will resume the AIT targets for sustainable development.

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