Monica Bellucci dazzled the new outfit: “the Queen”

Моника Беллуччи ослепила новым нарядом: «королева»

Monica Bellucci went on one of the social events in Venice and caused the furor

Fans of Italian actress and model, was in awe of how her Royal attire and the 54-year-old Bellucci.

Celebrities captivated the audience with luxuriously-elegant black-and-zolotistyy dress with a black Cape. The image of the actress added a small red clutch bag. Gorgeous hair Monica Bellucci was dissolved, and in the ears could be seen the massive original earrings.

Моника Беллуччи ослепила новым нарядом: «королева»

A photo from the event, the actress posted on his page on the social network Instagram.

Fans pelted his favorite compliments: “Diva”, “Queen”, “Amazing”, “Most beautiful actress of our time!!!”, “Perfection.”

As previously reported, Monica Bellucci was in an ambiguous situation because of the weather.

So, on the waterfront in the Italian town of Sabaudia Bellucci lit slender legs – due to the changeable wind movie star couldn’t hold the hem of her skirt with a high slit, with the result that, the paparazzi caught the actress in a very ambiguous form.

We also wrote that the actress decided to give him the hair than shocked his fans. Bellucci briefly became dazzling blonde.

Моника Беллуччи ослепила новым нарядом: «королева»

A photo with a new image of the star shared in Instagram. In the picture Monica is photographed in close-up. It turned out that it is not just the desire of a celebrity to look like spring in new ways. Blonde she became for the French glossy magazine “7000 magazine”.

The Italian worked with renowned photographer Ralph wenig. He showed the star to be what she is used to seeing millions of fans around the world – beautiful, seductive and charming. Age Bellucci is not a hindrance!

It is worth noting that not a day has passed since the publication of the tempting photos, and it has already won over 85.6 per thousand likes.

Also note that the actress from time to time pleases its admirers very candid shots. Recently, Bellucci lit her figure in see-through dress. And, again, fans of the actress gasped – she looks at 54 years old just perfectly.

Моника Беллуччи ослепила новым нарядом: «королева»

Monica Instagram on Valentine’s day posted a gorgeous photo. The outfit she chose meaningful – translucent and beige. “Enjoy your evening” (“the Pleasant nights”), signed the seductive woman.

Recall that Bellucci was in the top of the stellar beauties who have never done plastic surgeries.

As reported Politeka, former Bellucci sent his pregnant wife to a strange party: the scandalous video.

Politeka also wrote that Monica Bellucci brought out a young man: photo lovers.