Monica Bellucci appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine: “provocative photos”

Моника Белуччи появилась на обложке модного журнала: «провокационное фото»

Monica Bellucci appeared on the pages of a glossy magazine and once again proved that stylish and beautiful you can be at any age and in a modest outfit

54-year-old Italian actress was photographed for the Australian magazine Inprint.

The famous beauty for a photo shoot dressed in quite modest clothes – jeans, a white vest, a sweater under the throat, modest black pullover. Bellucci chose natural makeup. Her black hair loose and lay on his shoulders.

Моника Белуччи появилась на обложке модного журнала: «провокационное фото»

The only luxury thing on Monica is a massive ring of Cartier.

However, a photo can be called provocative. The picture shows the actress lying dressed in bed. Her shirt with the inscription “Bellucci. Italy”, light denim jacket and tonal denim pants. Jeans actress unbuttoned.

As previously reported, Monica Bellucci finally ceased to hide her new lover from the fans and presented it to the public.

So, after a long silence and secret, which tried to unravel not only the media but also the fans, all of a sudden Bellucci began increasingly to appear under the arm with her new boyfriend at different social events.

Моника Белуччи появилась на обложке модного журнала: «провокационное фото»

After divorcing Vincent Cassel Monica Bellucci was in no hurry to share details of their personal life. Only at the end of 2017, she once hinted that he is in a happy relationship. And after more than a year, during a recent screening of the fashion house Chanel in Paris Monica Bellucci first came out with her new man, 36-year-old artist Nicolas Lefevre.

Now the secret is out and perhaps the pair will appear together at parties more often. By the way, one of the last such party for the launch of the new issue of the magazine “7000 magazine”, the main character of which was Bellucci.

Моника Белуччи появилась на обложке модного журнала: «провокационное фото»

Film star chose a black fitted dress. Her Beau – a black suit with blue shirt and white scarf.

Recall that Bellucci was in the top of the stellar beauties who have never done plastic surgeries.

As reported Politeka, Monica Bellucci stunned the dirty fingernails on the red carpet.

Politeka also wrote that Monica Bellucci did not hesitate to show their charms: “amazing beauty”.