“Mom, am I dying?”: a terrible fate befell the girl at the resort in Turkey, the details of the tragedy

«Мама, я умираю?»: страшная участь постигла девочку на курорте в Турции, детали трагедии

16-year-old tourist died because of the cruelty of the Turkish doctors

The father died in Turkey Russians Vyacheslav Lysakov believes that foreign “physicians” originally started a brutal campaign against his family.

It is reported TCEs:

“It’s probably murder. The first diagnosis was acute appendicitis, but none of the doctors did nothing, the child just killed droppers and analyses,” said her father.

«Мама, я умираю?»: страшная участь постигла девочку на курорте в Турции, детали трагедии

The tragedy occurred in one of the cities of Turkey there in early July, the family went Lanshakova, that by travelling around the country by car. It is known that on the ninth day of the journey their daughter complained of a stomach ache, she was diagnosed with acute appendicitis:

“A very good chance that our daughter is not in the full harvest back home,” said the father of the deceased, alluding to the fact that local doctors for their organs destroyed his child in the hospital – not surprising, as no specifics of the local doctors said

“In the course of moving from one hospital to another at their daughter’s swollen belly, and the doctors put him on a hot water bottle. A few hours after admission she had a first cardiac arrest — “Mom, am I dying?”, asked toga girl,” said the mother of the deceased.

«Мама, я умираю?»: страшная участь постигла девочку на курорте в Турции, детали трагедии

Later, she suffered another cardiac arrest and died:

“Before the death of my daughter lost the hearing, and when the doctors started to take her blood pressure, it was found that it was gone. Even after nine hours, after the second stop, in her heart, she died. Before her 17th birthday, she died in 1.5 months”.

The girl’s father, which might have killed, insists:

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“Turkish doctors did not issue any medical certificates and test results. They allegedly showed the death certificate, which stated that the girl died from peritonitis. And the Russian Embassy in Antalya also had no help.”

We also recall that a terrible tragedy has shaken the popular resort – in the eyes of the astonished audience the child died. Tourists watched the horrific sight – a woman in a matter of minutes has lost two loved ones. Her four year old son died on the beach, then found the lifeless body of her husband:

“The boy and his father from France had drowned in front of his mother on the beach of the Spanish city of Girona”.

Witnesses are struck dumb by what he saw:

“Rescuers saw in the water the child’s body and rushed to save him. When the boy was pulled from the water, he was unconscious.” It is known that doctors tried to save the baby, but in vain.

29-year-old husband of the mother who just lost a child, too, had disappeared:

“In search of the men sent a helicopter, boat and jet ski. After about an hour and a half at a depth of three meters rescuers found the body of a man identified as the father of the deceased child,” — said the local operatives.

«Мама, я умираю?»: страшная участь постигла девочку на курорте в Турции, детали трагедии

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