Modernization of the library: three contracts awarded

projet-modernisation-bibliotheque-paul-o(Granby) Scheduled starting in mid-June, the modernization project of the Paul O. Trépanier library in Granby has entered a new phase. Three major contracts were awarded at the last council meeting, including that of the general contractor that will perform the work.

The contract was awarded to the lowest compliant bidder, Drumco Construction Group of Drummondville, at $ 1.5 million. The project has generated interest because 15 companies have purchased the tender documents. Six bids were submitted at the city hall. “It fell about battery on estimates”, welcomed the mayor Pascal Bonin.

Other contracts awarded as part of this project: one for the relocation of the library service and the other for the electrostatic powder paint to all current library shelves. Moving MEC More Montreal won the first contract with a bid of $ 96 136, while that Electro-Painters of Quebec, Boucherville, was the only company to respond to the call for tenders of the City, for the second term, with a bid of $ 60,361.

The total costs of the municipal library refurbishment project were estimated at $ 2.2 million. “We will modernize with car loans terminals, smart Falls, the new electronic equipment, entertainment places. We will be elsewhere. I think it will please many citizens, “said Mayor Bonin media after the council meeting.

long closure

The work is not without creating discontent within the population. Some criticize that it is impossible to borrow materials during the five-month period during which the work will be done. Closing the library is scheduled from June 13 to November 4.

During this period, a minimum service will be offered to the population, the regular opening hours to allow the consultation of computer stations and newspapers of the day. This temporary service will be arranged in the basement of the cultural center-France Arbour. The leisure card service there will also be offered.

Maintaining a more complete service point have been possible, recognizes the mayor. But the operation was very complex and the costs associated with it, too important, says Pascal Bonin. “We can not restore and keep open simultaneously. (…) Close was the best decision. It’s a small moment to pass. After, people will be proud of, “he said.

The director of the department of coordination of leisure, arts, culture and community life, Patrice Faucher, said for his part that the library staff will benefit from the close season to add a chip to each of the approximately 110 000 documents in the collection of the library so they can be compatible with the new technologies that will be put forward. “We will do a blitz of two or three months just for that. It would have been difficult to mount another library and to the chipping at the same time, “he said.

Library without walls

To compensate for the closure of the library, loan terms have been revised so that it will be possible to borrow books and keep them all summer, until the reopening in November, notes Patrice Faucher.

The latter also asserts that the concept of library without walls, which allows the circulation of books in another context, is expected to grow. The Alire return boxes arranged at certain intersections of streets, and those passing Books, installed in parks will be well fed during the summer, said Mr. Faucher. The library will also present the National Day and the Feast of the mascots. The used books for sale as a result of pruning the collection made, will also be available at the point of temporary service.

Ultimately, the new modernized library should provide a more airy space brighter. To achieve this, the facade will be reviewed, as demonstrated by the plans presented to the public. Areas will also be set up inside to meet the needs of different clients. The number of workstations and seating is also set to rise.

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