MobileXpert will expand

mobilexpert-sera-situe-pres-megaformeThe company Saguenay MobileXpert will expand. Four new employees will be hired over the next few months, while MobileXpert change of local and quadruple the size of its store in Chicoutimi.

The owner Thomas Levesque entered into a transaction to purchase the 1415 rue des Champs Elysées. The local MobilXpert currently is located nearby, at 1445 on the same street.

“We wanted to stay close to our current store. With a fourfold area, there will be more choice of accessories and more used phones for sale. We want to make sure not to miss the boat and make the right choices at the right time, “Mr. Lévesque. MobileXpert will move officially on 1 September. Major renovations were carried out in the new location, which is located between the pantry and Uniform design, close associates Printers of MegaFitness and Header hairstyle.

“It consolidates six Chicoutimi store jobs, in addition to create four full-time in the short term. In two years, I expect to hire four additional people, for a total of 14 employees in Chicoutimi. We also have three in our branch of Alma right now. ”

Reconditioning phones

On the first floor of the new location, we will find the shop. A second stage will be devoted to repackaging room phones and parts, warehouse and employee break room.

“There is a worldwide demand for used cell. a second life to the devices is given. We take old cell and give either in store credit or money to customers, depending on the age of the unit. Then we recondition cellular and sell. soon we will open our shop selling refurbished cell line. ”

In the old premises, four times smaller, it was impossible for MobileXpert of storing equipment.

Furthermore, Thomas Levesque still working on the possibility of opening a third branch. Further market research should be done to decide where will be located the store.

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